The Little Red Hen *(Remix)*

Mon, 07/31/2017 - 14:43 -- Zayxzai

Once upon a time there was a Red Hen and her three friends 

whose lazy behavior lead to their gruesome end.

"Who well help me make corn bread" said the hen

"Not I" The Cat, Dog and Goose

and went back to their everyday snooze.

"They always run off when work comes to play"

"This end here right now and today" 

Red hen had enough so she hatched a plan

 She laughed to her self  cook book in hand.


"Who will help me mix the corn bread?" she asked sweetly

"Not I" said her friends "we're way to sleepy"

But something was strange Dog asked "where's Goose?"

Cat Replied "She probably by the pond taking a snooze".

Little did they know she was with Red Hen

stuffed, baked and ready for Din Din.


She came back once more, 

"Who will help me bake the corn bread?" 

she asked as she stood at the door.

"Not I" said just Cat 

"Wait where's Dog?"

Hen just friendly replied 

"Probably sleeping by his favorite log".

Hen knew he was not by that log

She chopped him up and made him into the most delicious Hot Dogs.


Cat woke up in darkness unable to move 

"Let me out" he yelled

Hen politely refused.

"No one helped me you all refused so those two were both made into tonights food"

Hen said as she removed the bag

Cat looked in horror and began to gag.

"Why, how could you, what will you do with me?!"

Hen just friendly replied "Oh you'll see".

She Skinned Cat alive, cleaned her white fur, and got rid of the cat smell

"These will make great place mats and rugs as well".


The hen called her chicks

"What is that lovely smell?"

"Its your dinner my children and desert as well"

They sat at the table and a enjoyed their meal.

The moral of this story isn't don't be lazy or prepare for winter, 

Its never make friends with a psychopathic hen or you'll end up as dinner.

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