'All I Need Scholarship Slam'

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       i need you "please"     but you need me                           really?      yes, i don't care what they say                 or what they mean
There are so many meanings of poetry Your definition can not be same as mine   It means telling a story Because everyone has a story to tell   It means imagination
I am told that I will become consumed, By a cold, concrete adult world, Where the skies are gray, And problems are there to stay.  
such a small thing to hold so many hundreds of memories and sweeping emotions. haunting lyrics scrawled in dancing neverending ribbon in my brain, melodies caught in my heart and stuck in my mouth.
Would it be corny if i started with a Beatles quote? “All You Need Is Love” fills me with so much hope Because I’ve never been truly in love So this idea sounds like a gift from up above
She flips page after page, anxiously trying to reach the end; Because there will be an end, And it will be a happy one; Hers? She's not so sure; But no, she won't think of that;
i love for the same reasons i write:   to see lightbulbs as stars rather than  glass shells, to watch commuters walk by
Stepping into an unknown world galaxies, universes all in the Steps of another things i’ve never Felt Beauty i’ve never seen
"Love," I confess. "No more, no less."
Oh spirit of spirits Whom showed mercy like no other towards this moribund soul, Let the light of day testify of your glory, For you ward me from the abyss of the night As two become one.
Living without you would be like living without air,        Struggling for gasps of breath and air that don’t quite make it to my thirsty lungs,
If I were to be Trapped on an island With nothing except for me And that one thing that I have, I think I could live comfortably. This one thing gives me The strength that I need
My cracked lips define the need to eat something salty or else collapse At this point I am delusional and unaware of how much time has lapsed  The large blue panorama that defines my surrounding space
This watch staring up at me It's face whispering, you can't live without me repeating again as eras pass over every chance to be triumphant    Mozart spent endless nights 
Klavier. Geige. Waldhorn. Pfeife. In any other language, Its sound would be just as sweet. And sad. My lifeline to reality. Simple, sorrowful, Melancholy.  
Small hands gripped the noose and they were mine Tears fell, the ground sizzling as if I were already in hell. This was it, this was my end The worry ends here, the burden dies here.
There is nothing better than spiritual convergence with the physical. When my mind wanders unknowingly into the deepest Parts of itself.
just imagine a world here out in the unknown nothing but the clear sky the clouds of cotton a soft breeze the touch of sunlight grazing on our skin   if i could
While cold sand seeps between my toes And silent seabirds soar above my head I slouch, drugged by unconsciousness My blurred vision slowly reveals a foreign beach
Some say it would be a hell on Earth to live alone-- That life wouldn't be worth living if it was only a one man home. Others say, "Oh, I couldn't live without this or without that,"
The things I fear aren’t always as tangible as death  or the loss of the ones I love. Sometimes I fear loneliness and simplicity Things staying still.   From the words I devour 
Her mind lives in a beautiful oasis, A bright blue ocean, vast and lively. Filled with terror and past experiences. Roaming the halls for security.
If you were stuck on a deserted island, what is the one thing you could not live without? This is not the one thing you would take with you, its what you couldn’t leave behind.   A Scholarship Poem  
In a desert where escaping from the heat is impossible I would bring as much water as I could cary. I will think I am dying. The water gives me hope.
¿Qué es la música? Sonidos. Palabras. Arte. Palabras con sonido – arte en todo su esplendor. Hay más de lo que uno se imagina. Detrás de cada canción, cada sonido Hay un significado oculto.
Chocolate rolled curls and a wide bridged nose Your absence invokes poignancy in me And yet, I am gay at the sound of your twinkling voice Calling me sunshine, your angel, your baby
We think  we need but we don't.   Another  false alarm turns out that we don't.   Then you  come along your little paws and I do.  
Ever since I was five I’ve worn a uniform to school And been taught to remember saint days Like they’re my best friends’ birthdays And my principal told me when I was six
One thing to choose to go into the desert is new Since when was the desert an inviting view But I guess one thing I can choose is the fam Can't go alone with all that sand 
We don’t talk a lot about ears, do we? They’re seen as simply the masses of flesh attached to the sides of newly Formed heads at birth Not seen in most respects as something of worth and yet
Standing right beside me, never losing a step, Is the One whom I need, the One who never left. I could speak of His goodness, or even his greatness, But the one thing of which I could never speak, is His lateness.
Your toes sink through the sands of time As you walk along the shores of doubt On the island on your own No telegram or telephone What is it that you think about?
If I was stranded on an island never to return to society again The only way I would survive is if I had a never-ending supply of my antidepressant The waves would less choppy and the waters would be less frigid
Lost in a world that seemed to have constantly misunderstood me, I walked. I walked alone, destroyed, effortlessly losing myself. Everyday I seemed to have to carry broken pieces of myself.
dear, all i need is you, and i think we both know that all i need, all i need is your hand wrapped in mine and all i need to see is your face because dear, i swear
The swish of the seas idly coo as the sun sits up in the sky, bright as ever. Turquoise waters shimmer as the light reflects off of them.
You know what I want darling? I want the ability to love and be loved.  I want the power to not cry myself to sleep.  I want the beauty she has.  I want to see you smile at me the way you smile at her. 
Life, Love, Happiness. Three existential ideas All provided by The Giver, The one who breathes light Into dark.
Memories. Scrapbook full of memories Most dear to me. Sudden separation from civilization,
People are always talking. Meaningless words or words without meaning, it's all the same. TV show anchors are always talking. School shootings or student suicide, it's all the same.
A life without sight is definitely quite a fright, But surely I would not want to live a life without thought. To be able to create and design, And throw rhymes at the drop of a dime.
You ask what's most important to me, I'll tell you happily. I have determination, and it keeps me going. Through the storms it kept me afloat, it kept me breathing. When major change hit my life, it kept me swinging.
Revolutionary—             That is what I want them to call me.             When I am dead and gone,             When I am nothing more than dust             From which the trees will grow,
Ask most people what they can’t live without and “It’s easy,” they say, “food, water, air.” But For me, It’s not food, water, air. It’s freedom. Freedom to be who I want to be.
Ask most people what they can’t live without and “It’s easy,” they say, “food, water, air.” But For me, It’s not food, water, air. It’s freedom. Freedom to be who I want to be.
Every Disney Princess Has an "I want" song I want legs Books Freedom Everyone recieves But me For the thing I want No longer exists An island where sea levels stay level
My mother taught me everything. 
Jack Jorge Fernandes, “Gratitude for Broken English”
Possessions wax and wane. People often fade away. On this deserted island I see it plain: These things don’t matter anyway.   If you ask me what I truly wish,
I am alone and afraid. My heart is pounding, Revived and remade.  His hands are like silk, Smooth and refrained.  Stranded on the island together, I now know we can love wherever. 
Dear Sister, Here we are on this island together, All alone and stranded, Thank God I have you by my side Or else I'd be lost. At least I have you to talk to At least I'll have someone to lay beside
There is a fire in my soul That I can never live without. There is this will to continue Even when I wish to give up. Try as the world may, But I can never lose this fire. It is me And I am it
An IslandA SeaWould mean nothing to meIf you were far away. All the food in the worldAll the prettiest pearlsWould pale in comparisonTo you.
Quiet in the corner The girl Not me But she could have been So much more than she is now.   Quiet in the corner The boy Crying Never listening To what he has to say.
Perpetual darkness was all I seeked It was all I knew Ugly hurt shaped my heart And sadness filled my core My insides so full of pain
Around me lies nothing but seaLand is what my toes sink beneathLips salted shut, since I havent brushed my teeth I need someone who needs just me
All I need in my life is my will, You can beat me down,  Break my heart, Tear my psyche, But as long as I have will, I have the power,   This power cannot be tamed,
  the ones who promote a facade of beauty the ones who advocate animal cruelty    the ones who make the world transparent  the ones not yet featured on animal planet   
Act I A tap at the door ... ... ... Oh how your gentle knocking stirs my pelvic floor! I pause my binging, And begin unhinging The door and myself...   Act II
If, God forbid, I was to be stranded on an island In some extreme Castaway situation, I would only want my cousin to come with me.   We would die, but we would die together.
Will money over love me so fiercely that not the winds nor the storms nor the periled terrains could ever keep me from its kiss? Will my gold and silver entrance me with eyes so mysterious
I think I’d die if music wasn’t there, A life without music just wouldn’t be fair. Not fair to me, not fair to you. A life without music is like saying the sky isn’t blue.   To some it’s notes on a page,
A small brown bear, You'd pay no mind. But it's the only gift she left behind. The only one that will never judge, Or when I hit, won't hold a grudge. Rather, it knows it's out of frustration,
  No Wi-Fi Signal :( Originally called the World Wide Web Has now become something we can't bear to live without The Internet, something almost everyone has used before
Nobody here but me, On this Desert Island Eve.   I just want to be found, But I am weak with no sounds.  
Wants, Needs, I’m no good at poetry But the one thing I need is my memories They are who I am and who I will be The things I hold dear from year to year To forget who I am Or where I’ve been
A school hallway at night I find the most eerie. A place once filled with laughter, security, community and love is left with just the remnants of the past day
And I seem to be waiting in the vastness of my room for an ideal reply, while I sink in my mental comfort and dark clouds of summer memories.
They ask me “what can you not live without?” First thought in my head It’s not a what, it’s a who The thought of living without you sends chills down my spine I feel an instant wave of sorrow overcome my body
When asked what’s the one thing I can’t do without There’s one specific thing that floods into my mind For loving and having her is no doubt The most amazing blessing of all time  
Effortlessly she molded the bulky clay clump Effortlessly she sculpted its softer edges.   Effortlessly she defined it with simple strokes Effortlessly she painted curves with character.  
I sit here all alone— In my room— Such a mess. I’m starting to remember all I have to do. I’m starting to think about all that I could’ve done. I’m beginning to fall in that hole I know so well.
A red Mickey Mouse shirt wrinkled, in the back of my closet when I was six smells like cotton candy you gave me, mother
  You have the power to wear away rock, But allow me to dip my toes in you. You create storms unmatched in size and strength, But fill me with undeniable peace.
Her laughter rings in the stagnant air, A ray of sun amongst despair. Tragic time has spanned abroad, Since her joy was more than fraud-- And so the broken record begins.  
Forget the ones who have left you behind because we are the ones who are here to remain All of us will surround you with the affection you deserve to embrace
Phones, Everybody has them Nobody puts them down, at least  I don't.  I couldn't imagine my life without a phone... Phones rule the world now  they rule my life, we are inseparable.
Time gets shorter every year Can you feel the overwhelming fear Of not knowing when you’ll get there Memories
There are shadows Down the hall In the corner On the walls   Words are shallow I hear voices Some are deep Most are small   They direct me And inform me
Oh my god. Go away, you're so annoying. Why were you even born? I hate you! I can't wait til I never have to see you again! But now I can't. And I wish I never screamed and I wish I never yelled.
   Not knowing what lies behind the secluded, shadowy, silence The lights chased each other across the walls, Creating a colossus of fear, I held on to from within because All I needed was the cold air resting me to sleep.
In the absence of hominid sound, I have faith that I can find solace in my laudable love of literature. In the desolate darkness, I will become entralled by the piece,
You gave me life and raised me right You did all you could even when money was tight You have taught me that hard pays off Dreams are never too far away  
My memory of her.  She wakes me up in the morning with the goal echoing in my mind and marinating in my soul. Every look in the mirror is a pep talk for my plan of action.  I can't live without that memory. 
All I need is determination, for my time on this island to feel like a vacation. 
Food. Water. Love. Hope. People say these things keep them alive. And they do. They make life worth living. They give hu- mans the spark they need to continue on. But when they’re gone,
All people need is a reason; A reason to wake up, A reason to smile, A reason to get angry, A reason to be.   I cannot be happy without a reason. It is not some greater purpose of my life, 
  From dancing in our pajamas  To sitting curled up on the couch You make my day a little brighter  Even if you’re being a little grouch    You were an unexpected gift into my world
They said let me pick your brain out Wait before you lay down Will you fill this page now They tell me how to live and they think I want the same route I've never been content as if all I see if rain clouds
Black moles Swelling and swarming A sea   The moon relieved Tide recedes Washed up in the sands Without you.   But this was all I ever wanted To be Without you.
The reassurance that I can feel. Feel sorry. Feel happy. Feel loved. Feel significant. Feel regret. Feel empathy. Just Feel.
If I were stranded All I would need is my family My family takes care of me Gives me hope Showers me in joy Gives me an abundance of happiness And creates a sense of peace
On a desert isle All I want is a close friend Lonliness is death
i am, i am, i am sylvia plath bragged and so do i i think therefore i am therefore i am what i think it doesn’t sound christian but all i really need is me what i mean is, my mind.  
Most say you need food and water to survive But without you I dont know how else to be alive  Before you wiggled into my life, I was nothing I was a vacant vessel strolling through life without another hand to hold
Family should make you feel like you can conquer the world Family should wipe away your tears Family should uplift you when you're down Family should vanquish all your fears  
creativity an outlet as natural  as necessary as neverending as breathing, or the beating of my  heart a life force that cannot be  severed a door into the realm
You Gave Me Affection In the year 2012, I came to know Your name. Your love, Your salvation and inner flame. You gave me hope And friends who showed me kindness.
Family is special. My parents love me so dear. I couldn't live without family. They need to be near.   I love my grandma's cooking, And a good Sunday family meal. I love my cousins and aunts,
Boring. How dull life can seem When there is a constant stream Of needless necessities.   Bland. How tedious everyday can be
Greater is he  The one thing I cant live without  For I know he loves me without a doubt  He provides me with everything I need and more  So on this island what more can I ask for 
Have to love myself and have to want myself, You simply can't compare it to something on a shelf. See it as narcisstic or maybe a bit vain Once you lose yourself, you are never the same
We're a pair of mismatched socksorange and bluecontrasting, complimentary colors.
“Have you ever heard of the power of words?” He sounds like some sort of Jehovah’s Witness, standing there on the sidewalk with his books hugged tight to his chest, staring at her with eyes so impossibly wide.
The one thing I can’t live without I can’t exist, without the people that made me this way Every day they pray That I won’t be lead astray They see me at my worst And the times I feel like I could burst They see me at my best And still they love m
Big Brother's Guidance Inseprable. The way you took hold of me. Its like you were controlling me. I wanted to be just like you. In everything you do. You taught me to work hard.
All I need is my mind, And, in turn, my thoughts refined, For as Descartes would have sworn, That is all I truly own.   If I were gone and never found, Or stranded somewhere underground,
I am a mountain of arid timber, with kindling that fills my every fissure, surrounded by forests full of tinder. A potential pyre, impossible to hinder, that would burn with more than ample vigor
What is good? Or what is bad? Oh I wonder who I am Looking at the stars above Makes my heart feel so small This question I cant solve Awh! Where do I belong?   My soul feels bare
Sophomore year of high school. My first day of choir ever. I'm put into an alto section that was a little more than judgemental. One girl makes a comment on my purple hair.
I'm sorry that this has happened. I'm sorry that I was your only person to talk to and now I'm gone. I'm sorry that I followed the same path that you almost took. I'm sorry that I told you to fight and then I didn't.
All I need for me to be is my mommy and me  My mom for giving me laughs and smiles  As we look for help walking a thousand miles  She can help me get through anything  Even teach me how to make a little string 
My soul has found a mistress, and a loyal wife to match. But after birth my sweet love found the scratches on my back. So for now she leaves me lonely, waiting to return to black. 
What can't I live without What I can't  breathe about  Breathe to the understanding of my own self What I can't  live without What i can't  eat without Eat without the comfort in my own shell
I don't need any one thing in this world, I don't need a what, or a where, or a how. What I need is a who and who I need is you.   For the 19 years of my life you have kept me going,
For if I had to wander on the sand for eternity, Id bring my lovely pendent with me. For even if it becomes ugly and impure, the heart it holds will always be dear.
I'm scrolling Tumblr, and my eyes are shot with an image that shakes my stomach I'm lying awake, and my mind gags on thoughts to horrid to verbalize
      Hum my secrets inside of every song Hallelujah my way to hell Just send me off with notes and melodies
I wake up and my body is clay   Cetrizine to empty my nose. Alprazolam to empty my head. Caffeine to make my blood run. Nicotine to make me look calm.   I wake up 
She is sitting attentively. I’m sprawled across the bed telling a story lined with too many complaints, but there she sits.
Words. Opinions, Ideas, Thoughts. Expression, Communication, Argumentation. Essential to human survival in a world so loud. So boisterous.
Surrounded all around are things of all kind things I cant function without but things that i dont need my need is what I have to find when i ask finally what is it I need and want at once to live my eternity  
One day they asked me where or when I'd think myself to be, five years from now, or maybe ten spent with their company.   I said to them, and say to you, I'm sure I do not know-
fire:your red and orange flames,keep me warm,cook my food,santize my water, keep predators away,be my light in the dark, your crackling will keep me company, the one thing I'll need to live.
If Icould only have one thing If I couldn't even have two If I found myself in this perdiciment I for sure know what I would do   Most men would want money or fame Or perhaps some precious dame
From the second my body awakens From the second my body begins to feel the cold dark of night, it whispers to my soul It is a summoning whisper, imploring me to arise and enjoy the benefits that stem from its presence   
My four legged friend, though we might get parted for various reasons, I will always have you in my heart Because although you might not have understood what I said,
What is this piece in my hand? The bullet and bullet shells coordinate as a band. It sometimes be on water or land.   As time evolve, we evolve at the same time that a musket looks like a papergun
she needs to be beautiful he needs to have sex they need money we need entertainment  everyone needs education   she needs makeup  he needs a girlfriend they need coffee
I need the burning kiss of the sunI need the enticing gaze of the earthI need the swaying humOf all that is aliveIn the silence
How to decide? who can tell me- what I Need But me air, water, food? its all too true but the one thing I Need will Always be You People to see Society as a We
Life never turns out how you want it to Through trials Never stopping Or thinking about… stop Turn back the clock Think about who you are Materials mean nothing to you You need You need
Her Voice Melodic Notes High and Low, Fast and Slow When singing or not  
If I lived in a world without art There would be a hole in my heart, Cause it completes me  In a way no one else can see From their eyes, and it gives me reasons To live and learn life lessons.
“Finger Lickin’ Chicken Wings”   Love is so commonly thrown around We love dogs We love clowns
What a stereotypical question What is it you need to survive, To thrive. So many answers rush through my head, but it all boils down to one all encomapssing word: Love.
All I need is that intangible thing    That makes the heart beat and leap about a million miles per hour. All I need is that instrument    Which plays beautiful, passionate music loud and clear
I’ve never wanted lots of stuff or fancy diamond rings. I always think that’s too much fluff, too many needless things.  
I am right in front of you. how many of you are actually listening? I can hear their cry. Their cry gets louder as more and more people turn their backs
He is cruel in his confusing love My thoughts are racing Does he adore me?  I step forward and reach out my hand Will he retract from my touch?  Soft and sweet he stares deep into my soul
Take it easy He would say As we walked out the door After a kiss Goodbye   Whether we leave for a week Or leave for the park He’d say it That was his special way
what if I were on an island all alone? With no way to write letters home. Not with tellagram nor cellular phone. What would be the one thing I would take along with me?
Show me the part In your scripture Where it reads "The female shan't carry hair in her pits."   Show me the picture Of hairless legs And straightened locks And bared nether regions
Look around  Left Right What happened to my sunlight? The rays of growth  I feel alone Cuz in this world people don't exist, right? I loved the way my lover touched me
Legend tells of a fountain,One drink and your young  again.But if you drink from itWill you remember every little bit?
What is most important to me Is acceptance of everyone we see. Black, white, Asian and all My desire is diversity.  
Not a soul makes itself known, for I am alone. Alone with my thoughts and worries, Alone and afraid to survive.    Food is not my concern for survival.
I place my clay into the sculpters pallid hands and press play Images flicker of white rabbits with antiquated watches  There is no black or smell of decay Shrinking and growing mind over matter
Trapped in the world of endless green Stuck there forever Who wouldn't go mad? I certainly won't Once you lose your mind you lose all hope I am Sane
i might be moderately in love with the stephen sondheim or rather music the way intervals fall and build like waves in the sea each sentence a possibility for a rhyme
I know I am lonely. I am lonely when alone in my room at 5:30am and I am lonely when surrounded by a crowd of people and I am definitely lonely now. I know I am lonely, even perpetually so, because
Writing provides nourishment for my soul A reprieve for my overly analytic mind, Saving me every day, Allowing me to function as an individual.
A Poem about how training for weightlifting in the Olympic Games changed my life for the better and pushed me away from being depressed and suicidal.   I sat in a dark whole of misery,
As the waves crash down, the walls close in, Thoughts and ideas remain stagnant having nowhere to escape to. I scream them out loud, but they disappear into the wind. What’s the point of that?
Minimalism isn’t minimal at all. Less is more, but what could possibly mean more than the oxygen circulating through your lungs,
All these things I need in time: 
Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori. They say it is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country. Yet the reward of their loss Is the truly fitting thing. We could not live without it. our reward.
I can't live without happiness;  However, I can survive. But, is a life without living, and only surviving, a life worth keeping alive? Society wants money, and power, and demand for respect. 
Your teeth will always be there, even when you're not smiling. When the tears break and fall down your face, sitting on the front porch swing,
though my mind seems to Work against me, you are there. when all I can think of is death and years of failed intentions, you are there. when i feel as if no one Loves me for who i am, you are there.
I sit, on a desert island. There he is. He who does not judge. He who lets me live and let live My life, my soul, my everything He sits with me, glistening in the sun
What do I need? Or what's the one thing I need in order to breath? That's a tough one. Some might pick an object, or just love and care. Others will take it logically and say lots of air.
Always there.  Best friend. Shoulder to cry on. Chatterbox. Best company. Never a dull moment. Would not be here without you. Most selfless person. Caring.
Isolation at its peak Abandoned on an island With nothing to see But water as far as can be   What would you bring If it meant you can see All the beauty and wonder
As I sit in class, Moping,Daydreaming,Looking at the clock As I tune out the teacher,  The math,  The english,  The science,  I think.     When I sit at home, 
Christ died for forgetful people. We love Him yet we cheat on Him, how deceitful. But hey dawg don't trip I know the feelin! But I'm telling you no matter what to never stop searching for the words of healin'.
I stare at the screen. My curser blinks on an empty word document  and I feel my mind rumble in frustration. Today the words will not come. Instead, I have a never-ending stream of consciousness,
Of all the countless things that make up my life Without even them all would cause only little strife What would cause unbearable pain Would be to lose those who are always on the brain
Something untouchable, flowing endlessly Without end but most definitely with a beginning. It is a song progressing through a melody With the metronome slowly ticking Counting down the life expectancy
What do I need? Or what's the one thing I need in order to breath? That's a tough one. Some might pick an object, or just love and care. Others will take it logically and say lots of air.
Who am I really?Am I that A I got on my science fair project?Or the forty seven percent I received on my math test?Am I the person who was heartbroken for months because he didn't love me anymore? Or am I the person
The moonlit beach a ribbon in the night, I hear the salty waves with their loud quietness. My footprints mar the unblemished sand. Me on the island, the island in me.   I sit all alone on my “darkling” shore
I am stuck on a island everyday   From the unaccessible sidewalks   To the bigoted words you say   Yes I may be handicapped   But aren't we all in our own way  
Deserted, Alone, Just me, All by my lonesome   But I bring you, Along, With me, In this together   My hope, Thoughts, And travels, Mean nothing  
p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; } Music gently wakes me every early morning Amy Winehouse begins singing without much warning. I'll eat breakfast with the Beatles on Sundays, cool!
The tiny Humans play minds full of STATIC a soft lull, the peaceful Ocean my Mind is a roar perplexing and vexing, never Silent never Still. Intelligence; a Blessing and a Curse
All I need is my fashion These colors that drape my body are tools of expression You use school uniform to teach me a lesson That primarily, what I should strive for is social acceptance  
My person is the thing I'd need most On a deserted island We would lay there right by the coast Smilin'
The cool, dark blackness of the cave ushers you in with an aloof smile. Creepy crawlies slither underneath your feet as you tread as carefully as you dare.
I’m sorry I am not the type of daughter you want me to be I’m sorry I kept on spilling water on the kitchen floor like a mighty waterfall releasing all it’s oxygen
People body shame people. Why do they do it? Do they have other things to be worried about? This world is full of mindless delinquents
I am not beautiful I am beauty I am not attracted I am attractive I’m the air that gets released I’m the air that you breathe But society only sends us plenty
ONE I’ve always hated you You were always there whenever my big, dark brown eyes Aimed straight at the boy whom I used to value   TWO
  I may not be perfect But I can always care for you like how a little girl loves her teddy bear. I may not be perfect But I can be the most
By my lonesome on a barren paradise I don't need breath I dont yearn for the food or the high tech gadgets of my generation  I long for the wavey blue waters that are his eyes
Values are a necessity There Essentials with credentials Keeping me gentleFrom insecurity Shutting doors With no sense of accordance Giving me notice Of the important 
“Why do you have to be so hard?” “You know missing one day of practice is like missing the entire season.” “Why do you always want to kill me?”
“Why do you have to be so hard?” “You know missing one day of practice is like missing the entire season.” “Why do you always want to kill me?”
As I write a verse or lyric I think of what comes to my mind Never trying to think to quick Even though the meaning is blind.   Sometimes I write what I'm feeling Making the words come easier.
With your eyes so deep blue   and the sight of your lovely pale face.          Oh, you don't have a clue!   It feels like I'm with you in space.   You've taken my heart.  
I can not live without my tree She is all I need. She is bold, as the stories have told. She stands tall and never lets me fall.
As I look around I take in my surroundings There's nothing but emptiness around me
I look and see, it's raining outside Quickly, I look for a place to hide The moment I open the door it hits me Your smell, your auroma, your taste Even your touch warms me One Americano, please
i need to love myself   i need to love myself to understand Emotions   i need to love myself or else i may end up crazy or sad Solitude   i need to love myself to survive
"Row" they said  "easy" they said no running, no jumping, no ability required   "row" they scream "harder" they scream oars whipping, boat creaking, water racing.  
Relaxation No temptation Rejuvination   Allowing nature to shine like the sun to go on like the waves to be unexpecting because there is  never
One of man’s oldest tools A Paper. Barely recognized, even ignored A Paper. Thrown away, stored away, never to be seen again A Paper.
One of man’s oldest tools A Paper. Barely recognized, even ignored A Paper. Thrown away, stored away, never to be seen again A Paper.
Seconds, minutes, hours, or days I need a good song to play through my ears And into my brain The constant sounds The fluid melodies The beats  The tempos  The messages in a song
Our existence isn't so dreadful When there's smeone to care for Or even better, one that'll be there At your highest to cheer you on And at your lowest to bring you comfort
I can't live without air.  Seriously. That automatic pull that the lungs take, that convert within themselves, without us even thinking or knowing.  That creation of taking in and out what is around. 
I am a woman. It's how I was born. It's how I identify. It's part of who I am. But some people in this world Think that they can punish me Because of an "F" on a birth certificate.
Holding it within my heart Only death can take it away from me Part of me wants to give it up for a while Even though it is my only chance at survival Hello, my dear intangible companion
It is my greatest love, My deepest passion, The keeper of my sanity, And the pillar of my strength.   Without it, I am an abyss.   It resonates within my head, And within my heart.
Happiness is elusive. Sometimes it hides in the hands of a boy,  his fingertips across my back. And I need his hands like concrete blocks, to build up my spine. And I need his mouth
It has been so long since I started the climb, That I hardly remember when I began. Was it when I walked you to your car? Or when we got coffee together? It meant nothing to you, but to me it was a mountain.
Music fills my ears nurishment for my hungry soul without a home, but I hear a cord and I am content drowning in fear, but the melody is my savior keeing my head above the water
Anything a heart desires Locked away Listening to you without return   I can't imagine a world without it  
  Family Without them I wouldn’t exist They keep me laughing even when I’m down I don’t know anyone else better to turn my frown upside down
You carried me with you for nine months whole  And when I was born your heart I stole  You fell in love with me at first sight  You promised to care for me and raise me right
I say I hate it. In fact, it causes me the most pain. Regardless, it makes me human; Regardless, it is my composition.   I say I want it gone,
You carried me with you for nine months whole    And when I was born your heart I stole    You fell in love with me at first sight    You promised to care for me and raise me right  
One car headed East  The other West This time is just like all the rest    Lovers apart in distance In the middle is where they meet Looking for a place to eat   
We are all stranded in a deserted dominion Opressed by one's self, that's fact not opinion We take for granted what at glance is obvious and true For when we question is when we get the full view
“I love you.” “I love you too.” I cry and weep silently. I then laugh for I am alone. I can cry loud and ugly. I can cry as freely as I want.
All I Need is the Sky   There are no golden tickets, no miracles, no blessings, when the sky is truly lost.
She doesn’t wear a cape but she is still a hero. She doesn’t have a degree but she is still a teacher. She doesn’t have medical experience but she is a nurse. She doesn’t know karate but she still fights for me.
Stranded on a desert island Trapped among the resetless wind Confined with thoughts I'd rarther abandon And memories that have me pinned One thing saves me from it all All I need to keep me sane
Her, it was all her doing. The memories still fresh and brewing, Those days where she would say "it will be alright" Those nights when she would hold me tight No one could ever feel that unconditional love
There's a line between what we need and what we want, Blurred by our own desires. Everyday we ask for acceptence from others, From the way we dress, To the way we talk, It's our way of asking.
You're the one who keeps me grounded. The one who creates light in this dark path. You help me find my way when I get lost. You're the one I run to in times of need. I'd be lost without you.
As i sit down to ponder  What can't I live without  When I feel happiness has come to a drought  When the tides of life destroy my blissful  horizon  And challenges try to stop me from striving 
Stuck on an island with sand in my toes, I’m the only one here – my thoughts are my foes. I sit on the ground and take a long, deep, calm breath, Trying not to think of my impending death.
It's not something that you can touch. It's not somehting that you can see.   It's something that you can buy. It's soemthing that you can be.   Other people have it. Other people but not me.
Today my pick won’t go farther than three inches into this jungle. I could straighten it, but that would take too long, leaving me with only exhausted arms and a smoky bathroom.
Crashing waves collideWith waves of vibrations heardBut not seen,Felt but not touched.A day without you is a day without us
The synthesis of two, The liquefaction they behold, Flesh made new, The threshold.   Barren lands we express, The shriveled up flowers a shore, Salt and Sand we digest,
Surrounded by nothing, where could I be? nothing but a blue abyss, I'm here, lost at sea. I walk the island, trying to cope.   I found you there, sitting upon a sandy slope.
Dreamy  On-my-mind              Share-able        Unbelivably              Travelable             Original
Sounds of notifications fill the air, as soldiers battle for thier right to share. They use swords, shields, and even pikes! All in the pursuit of favorites and likes They post things that are nonsensical and dull, 
I need this, you, the air which I breath I need your teachings to help me grow, Grow into something beyond a butterfly, A butterfly which flies above the normal boundries,
If food were no issue and supplies I could make, To my own little island one item I'd take. Not the pencil that crafts my words and my art, In truth that ranks only second in my heart.
It’s a cold feeling.A feeling that leaves a person with the impression that there is no safety net at the bottomA feeling that reminds me that desperation is for the flies on the wall, listening.It’s a blanket still.
A pile of wood and ivory. Her tired frame sits uncomfortably  until I join her. The music leaves my mind in a rush of fire, through my veins and out of my fingertips it explodes when I take my seat.
If I had to give it all up With only one exception My memories would surely be The thing that I would mention   While money and objects  Are truly quite nice To lose my best moments would be
I wonder what means the most to me. I wonder what creates the weight That I reflect onto an object's 'meaning'. I wonder about wonder itself: How it's discovered, How it's forgotten,
It's all in the little things  It's all in the lies we tell ourselves  Tomorrow will be better  Tomorrow, I'll be stronger  It's in the way we fall apart and  Piece ourselves back together 
I don’t know how I got here. I woke up suddenly in this nightmare.     This hellish place-- No water, no food-- This sand burning my face.  
All I need is a hand to hold. Teach me how to be bold I do not need to be told,  I need to be shown not by diagrams and charts  but by the careing of someones heart. 
Though it’s dark outside, always dimShe comes to me, on a whim Calm and loudBut small and proud A withered old friendFrom just around the bend Discouraged and distraughtWas everything for naught?
All I need 'Sides air to breathe And jobs to keep me In the green Is love - exchanged 'tween you and me.   Not like dutch
A dark nightWith heavy clouds Threaten to pourDown the rain A little flyLonely and isolated Lost in the darknessLost forever The drops begin to pourDrowningthe fly
All I ever needed was you All you had to do was tell me the truth Instead of doing all of that you put me through I was suppose to be someone you loved But yet you placed someone else above me
My best friend  became my superhero in seconds flat my world  point of view was sky high  then came crashing down my superhero was my super villian causing pain
*Take my hand * Come hold my hand, Run with me my brother until the hour glass loses it's sand. Hand in hand we run to our destinies Shaking off the hate and sending out blessings
I cannot live without my confidence Because in a world where women are seen as Weak. Sensitive. Little. Dolls. You cannot succeed if you don’t believe in yourself
The adorable wrinkles on your face They are so full of grace. You showed me how to appreciate and that was my blessed fate. You have been through a lot. Thank you for all the life lessons you have taught.
To say I need a person  is something I do not like to do. To say I need anything is hard for me to do.   People come and go more times than I can count. Despite pushing you away,
In times of desperation nearing an untimely termination, In times of obscurity making me doubt my security, With no one in sight but the young man in the mirror, Battered with plight and no help in sight,
Ask me what, or who, I need to survive. Go ahead. I cant remember the first time she held me, I cant count how many times she has told me she loved me.
Is Life hypocritical, selfish,  and alone; we yearn for others. to give accompaniment. To survive solely alone, To grieve and moan; A Life alone, provides no enjoyment.  To be alone.
I smiled at him from across the cafeteria and then the gym, and he smiled back. Tall, dark, and handsome, but I knew that was not all.
Would you like to know what I need? Guess what I need fully, and not even partially? The very thing that keeps blood rushing through my arteries
I need someone to talk to to listen to to touch to feel to embrace without, I'm left  With insanity  with misery with anxiety  with torment In solitude 
Any shelter I build Can easily be blown away But my faith will stay The food I collect  Can rot or be stolen But my will to survive Can't be taken My body can be beaten
A man as vain as thee my love not knows, For such a gent'man gentle knows not of. Whose foulness in precious face lingers not, For thy wick'dness in lying manners hides.  
I need your eyes looking back into mine I need your love, your words, your time. I need your lips and love divine I' ve had none of this kind.   I need your secrets spilling from your soul
Alone on a island, Alone but never by myself. Alone you are my friend, Alone you love me with all your heart. Alone you stand beside me through pain and trial, Alone I call you friend, buddy, pal, Luda.
Aunties are alternating Chef Shifts grandmothers are setting grandkids’ portions The is house drowning in the amazing smells and tastes of High Blood pressure, diabetes
I've got a face caked in makeup, and sweat pooling in my palms. I make last second prop checkups, and nerves have me forgetting verses from Psalms.  The curtain rises as the lights go up.
Days pass me by, from Monday to Saturday. I don’t care anymore, for time is irrelevant to me anyway.   I have a love hate relationship with the world, and currently I am feeling only hate.
My eyes flutter open to a world draped in a haze a sight so unclear and undefined that I am left in a daze. I blink and adjust to the warm light peeking from my windows
In days, weeks, and even yearsIt seems as though you have never left my mind For I see that you are the love in my heartAnd the hate in my soul The soul you have taken from me 
Long have I searched for what was lost so long ago For the memories of those times that I remember nothing about Without them I feel so empty... so very very empty...  
Back and forth Back and forth Scanning the lines Finding the rhymes Eyes flicker and flit Watch the words split Feeling the pain Dancing in the rain Alongside the unsung hero
Lord forgive me I have a mind of a criminal Subliminal are my thoughts the doctors say its clinical But who are they to judge just a bunch of imbeciles Never mind their commentary its all the same critical
To a deserted Island I bring the will to Persevere with me
My confidence swells as I realize, I am better than ever to those amber, brown eyes. They widen as I draw near, Everything but inferior, In her presence I feel
It is the thing  that most people neglect Yet if you were without it  you’d lose the ability to choose and select It is the thing above all others you should hold it near and dear
What drink will refresh your pure soul? The chilled, so buoyant cube float high With tint of chestnut dark burnish, It stunts your precious growth toward troll.
Without laughter all is lost.   Giver of hope, It can help you cope. The ability to be optimistic, What a wonderful characteristic.   Glass half-full as they say. Is it cliche? 
You feel numb, Oh so numb. Yet here you are feeling dumb. It’s cold. Oh so cold. Your heart feel likes it’s about to explode. What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
Humans possess remarkable power. The phenomenal gift to create. With enough drive and even an hour, One can construct worlds that are truly great.   Creativity, that, I so adore.
Sometimes all that I want-- And all that I need-- Is me.   Sometimes I don’t want you to tell me whom I am (Or what I am)
Music dances around their flesh. Lips part to laugh and smile. Warmth spreads throughout their bodies. Malicious fear is taken away.
We occupy imperfect space,  Try best to carve our jagged place, Among the others of our race- Look for a hand to hold.   You may feel skeptical at first,  But solitude is far, far worse, 
I’m a fool to say it But you are my world You are my joy and happiness  My comfort without asking Not everyone understands Because you’re a cat But you are mine And I am your human
If I am alone on a deserted island What would I take with me? Would food and water be on the beach? Or just miles of salty sea?   I wonder how I would fare alone What would I take with me?
A baby girl escaping a Russian orphanage A lost boy alone in New York A player searching for love in Canada and A Navy sailor full of adventure from Massachusetts
All I need to survive is joy. Not the kind that is brought upon by a simple toy. But the kind you get by simple life. I could live with nothing not even a knife.
I cannot live without many things I need food to keep on going I need air and lungs to keep on breathing I need peace to keep on resting   The need that all aspire They look to admire
A photograph,  A photograph is all I need. A photograph of the sweetest thing I've ever seen. With her curly brown hair and light brown eyes, one of my most beautiful treasures in life.
If I was stranded on an island, all I need is the Holy Bible. Just God's word, is all I need. His advice, is all I need. God's ways, is all I need. To read how great he is, is all I need,
I Need Me   How can I stay sane when everyone I know is so far away? There are so many things I’d want to take with me, but only one thing really matters to me.
If i were to crash down by the deep blue sea this is the one person i’d want with me. my mom, my world, my biggest supporter
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