Memories I Need The Most

Wants, Needs, I’m no good at poetry

But the one thing I need is my memories

They are who I am and who I will be

The things I hold dear from year to year

To forget who I am

Or where I’ve been

Or what I’ve done

Or what I’ve seen

I just wouldn’t be me


I’ve spent many days hours months

Daydreaming about nothing and everything at once

Things I wanted to happen

And others I’d like to forget

But I treasure those times

They are mine


Love of family vacations in Yellowstone

Admiration for those I call friends

Longing for riding scooters on bike trails

Embarrassment of rejection and other things I hide

Inadequacy because I could be so much better

Joy of nature and all things living and green

Elation for what my future holds


Who are you without what you bring with you?

What can you do with no recollection of who you are?

When do you realize what is dear to you most?

Where do find yourself?

Why are you there?

How it be. 


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