Stick in my Side

Oh my god.

Go away, you're so annoying.

Why were you even born? I hate you!

I can't wait til I never have to see you again!

But now I can't.

And I wish I never screamed and I wish I never yelled.

God, you were such a stick in my side,

But I miss you now.

And if there was one thing I couldn't live without,

One thing I needed in my life, itwould be you.

It would be you, ya little buttface.

Your stutter, your crooked smile, your small little body and your big head.

The way you think you're speking chinese but really,

You're just making random noises.

The way you hug me everytime I walk in the door.

Did you miss your sister?

Ew. No.

You, my little brother, are all I need.

You're all I've ever needed.

This poem is about: 
My family


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