Social Mania

Sounds of notifications fill the air,

as soldiers battle for thier right to share.

They use swords, shields, and even pikes!

All in the pursuit of favorites and likes

They post things that are nonsensical and dull, 

as they try to crush each others skulls.

They leave passive agressive comments on pictures of friends,

as they try thier best not to meet an untimely end.

They shout "follow me on here!" and "follow me on this!",

as they swing thier swords and miss.

They take selfies with thier food

and execute those who dare say "no one cares dude".

They argue over lore for books and games

or who deserves the most internet fame.

It does not matter who is actually right.

both think so, in the midst of thier fight.

No one ever loses, no one ever wins.

For the war of social media never ends.

But the worst part of it all is,

all of us are guilty of this.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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