Without Art

If I lived in a world without art

There would be a hole in my heart,

Cause it completes me 

In a way no one else can see

From their eyes, and it gives me reasons

To live and learn life lessons.

The ideas, the passion, and the beauty 

Fulfill and awaken the voice inside of me.

The voice of retaliation and redemption 

Is the only thing that gives me a reputation.

When I'm sad, angry or alone and I hide them

Inside me, I would draw until my heart is content.

When I'm passionate about something,

I would paint for everyone to see.

Art is the voice of recognizing the facts,

Instead of making us turn our backs.

It gives us reason and meaning

By allowing us to express our feelings.

Spray paint is for the ones who want to release their voice to the world,

Fine art is for the ones who don't express feelings and ideas with words.

The street is the canvas for the revolutionist

And studio is for the creative artist.

There is more than these two,

But they're hard to chose.

Either way

I won't live day

Without art, 

Cause it's too close to my heart.

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