Above all These

All these things I need in time: 

A drum to play when I'm inspired at night, 

A telescope to view the world up high, 

A book to read when I have light. 

I'd like a pole to vault through the sky 

And health so I may live my life. 

Some peanut butter I can always need 

And a knight in armor to come love me. 

I'd love to have a physics lab, 

And maybe my dog to sit on my lap. 


But in reality the beat of my drum, 

The light to my stars, 

The book that I will study from, 

The arms I want to vault into, 

The one who keeps my soul alive, 

The nourishment for my daily life, 

The only one that can satisfy, 

The knowledge that I seek to find, 

My companion to pass the time, 

What I need: 

my Lord, my Savior, Jesus Christ.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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