Under My Armpits

Show me the part

In your scripture

Where it reads

"The female shan't carry hair in her pits."


Show me the picture

Of hairless legs

And straightened locks

And bared nether regions

of a Full Grown Woman


Show me.


So I can understand

Why I have so deeply offended you

Being "the way that" I am


Show me the law

That made your word

more crucial than mine

Last time I checked,

My body was Mine to define


So show me, I beg,

how I will ever exist

If I ever dared to get rid

Of the hair

Under My Armpits

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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This. This is great.

Sophie Patterson

Thanks! I wanted to adress an instance that recently happened to me. And some how this happened!

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