Confidence is a Necessity

Tue, 03/29/2016 - 10:30 -- gvbravo

I cannot live

without my confidence

Because in a world

where women

are seen as





You cannot succeed

if you don’t believe in


You cannot succeed

if you don’t have



So with my air of confidence 

and my words of wisdom 

I will make heads turn as I exude 


poisoning my enemies with my


and influencing my fellow sisters with my 


I am done playing dollhouse

I am ready to CONQUER

everything that comes my way

I am a WOMAN

I won’t sit and look pretty

I won’t let my daughter be silenced


When she shouts and gets loud

I won’t shush her

I will empower her

I will tell that her what the mirror reflects back

Is not as important as what you reflect on life

When someone questions

her confidence

And tells her-

Girls must sit and be pretty

Oh Honey let the men talk, just sit and listen

Oh don’t do that, girls aren’t built to do what men do

She will answer back-

Why must I be defined by what I have inside my pants

Rather than what I have inside my head

You should value my brain just as much

As you value what is in between my legs

And you know what

You sit and listen

Because while the men talk

I will lead armies of women

To destroy

your corrupt

definition of a woman

And last but not least I agree with you

Women were not built to do

What men do

Because we were meant

To do much more

We were meant to overcome years of oppression

We were meant to bring life into the world

We were meant to speak up and not cower away

Men build networks and

lead “great” companies

while women dream

of a less phallocentric world


Women need to realize

that they are powerful

that they are strong

that they are WOMEN

It takes a certain type of character to be successful

and that character can either be a woman or a man


That’s why I cannot live

without my confidence

Because I am meant to empower my sisters

Help them wage this war

to strengthen the word WOMEN


Were meant to be confident

We were meant to be warriors

We were meant to be strong

We were meant to be


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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