Ambition is All We Need


            That is what I want them to call me.

            When I am dead and gone,

            When I am nothing more than dust

            From which the trees will grow,

            On which feet will tread.

            I want them to remember

            My Revolution, My little Rebellion.

            I want it to ring in their ears,

            Everything I said,

            And give them courage

            To speak as well.


            My Revolution.

            It will not be loud as politicians.

            It will not be harsh as war.

            Rather, it will be quiet and inspiring

            Like the rising sun.

            It will be a peaceful resistance of evil,

            And a firm adherence to good.

            Through me and others like me

            Evil will be uprooted,

            Good will be regrown,

            Joy will come to many,

            And Pain will fade away.


            But who dares to follow me?

            I am a sinner myself.

            A fisherman. A tax collector.

            Who would have the courage to stand

            Against the strength of evil?

            Who would risk it all for—

            For what?

            For the good of the rest of the world?

            Who would wish to die for good?

            But, no, it is much more,

            Is it not?


            Who will wish to live with me,

            In a life that never fades?

            Who will wish to fight beside me

            So that all violence will cease?

            Who believes as I, that Life

            Should be made worth living?

            And that love of others

            Will change the world?

            Who desires as I

            To be a Revolution?

            For, how could I ever live

            When my life is a shell?

            Why would I live

            Without ambition to drive me?

            With all of our passion,

            May we start the Rebellion.

            May we enter the fire.

            May we finally begin to live.

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Our world


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