animal planet


the ones who promote a facade of beauty

the ones who advocate animal cruelty 


the ones who make the world transparent 

the ones not yet featured on animal planet 


the intolerable ones who pollute the minds and

perceptions of those who don't try to disguise


the ones who conform to societal measures 

the ones who grotesquely manifest displeasure 


the ones who absorb trivial hate

the ones who fabricate their personality traits 


the ones you want to believe are genuine 

the ones who think our inconvenience as irrelevant 


the ones with no problems, the ones with no conflict 

except the ones created within their own warped self concept 


the ones who find it difficult to adjust 

the ones neatly categorized in humanities construct 


the ones convinced the billions are wrong 

that ones who think we’re not mentally strong 


the ones who will travel and spread misconception 

the ones who are granted the permits and papers for weapons 


the ones who we know and have accepted to run manic

through the vast hills and plains of our animal planet

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Our world
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