My Motivation

I’ve never wanted lots of stuff

or fancy diamond rings.

I always think that’s too much fluff,

too many needless things.


So if I was found to wash ashore

on some barren island sand,

The one thing that I’d need for sure

is a photo of the fam.


‘But why?’ you ask, confused I see,

‘Why not something you could read?’

My short reply would come quickly,

my family is all I need.


My family is the bedrock

on which my life now stands.

I’d trade away my bonds and stock

just to hold their loving hands.


I’d be lost without their guiding strength,

their laughter and their cheer.

I’d never go a single length

without them standing near.


But I wouldn’t ever wish them all

to be stuck on this island with me.

So instead of them on this island small,

A photo is all I need to see.


Their faces would give me hope

to somehow make it through.

That would be the way I cope

until a bold rescue.


And if there was no rescue boat

the photo would bring belief.

Belief that a raft could stay afloat

beyond the jagged reef.


I’d build a craft, I’d find that drive,

I’d ride winds foul and fair.

I’d find a way to stay alive

until at home I saw them there


You see, I wouldn’t need a lot

To get me through the trial.

Just a photo and one final thought,

‘I’ve gotta get off this isle’.

This poem is about: 
My family


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