From dancing in our pajamas 

To sitting curled up on the couch

You make my day a little brighter 

Even if you’re being a little grouch 


You were an unexpected gift into my world

And it was fate our mothers met

You are the little sister I’ve always wished for

And I, the big sister you thought you'd never get


No we aren't related by blood

but our bond stays true

Because no matter how far away I travel

I will always love you. 


I promise to keep touch

No matter how far my adventures may fly

Because I never break pinky promises

I keep them till the day I die


My days wont be the same without you

Waking me up with the sun on Saturday

Staying up late talking about our friends

But most importantly


Reminding everyone we know 

that were sisters

Not a babysitter and a kid. 

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