A Woman Named "Silence"

My soul has found a mistress, and a loyal wife to match.

But after birth my sweet love found the scratches on my back.

So for now she leaves me lonely, waiting to return to black. 

I must wait a while, and hope that Silence one day takes me back. 


Life, the lack of nothing, found me sucking on my mothers breast.

She swayed me as a baby, tried to take all the Silence left. 

Life looked much more sensual, closed my eyes and on her lap I lept.

And what is left is lack of loyatly, only bits of quiet I have kept.


It is the empty end that pushes men to live with purpose.

I need "nothing" because without it "something" is worthless.

The sweet kisses of Silence make everything worth it.

To meet my wife again when they close the curtain.  


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Our world
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