The End.

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 22:31 -- carlyyy

She flips page after page, anxiously trying to reach the end;

Because there will be an end,

And it will be a happy one;

Hers? She's not so sure;

But no, she won't think of that;

That is, after all, why she's reading;

If she lives in this story, in these lives,

Maybe, just maybe, she won't have to deal with her own;

Can she read her life away?

So when she finally does reach the end,

The end of her story;

It will be neither happy nor sad,

Just the end;

And she'll keep reading,

About those whose love didn't end in pain,

Whose battles didn't end in death,

Who overcame their obstacles.

And wait for the day when hers ends too.

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