Our existence isn't so dreadful

When there's smeone to care for

Or even better, one that'll be there

At your highest to cheer you on

And at your lowest to bring you comfort

An angel that's been there since day one. 

But sadly one day she'll be gone.

Until then her warmth is nothing but a dream

That protects you from the harsh reality

And even then when you must deal with the real world

She'll still be there to hold your hand,

Just as she did when you were learning to walk.

And she does so with ease,

So I beg fate to please

Let me hold onto her for a bit longer

Cause I won't be able to be any stronger

Without her sweet affection.

Nothing can beat being with my mother for eternity

But I guess that's a product thatcomes along with maternity.

This poem is about: 
My family


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