One thing, Mom

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what is the one thing you could not live without? This is not the one thing you would take with you, its what you couldn’t leave behind.


A Scholarship Poem


When I think of the things that I hold oh so dear,

Some are far, some are close, and some pass Earth’s great sphere.

Like my deep felt beliefs that exist where clouds roam,

And some family that live not to close to my home.

There’s also my teachers throughout school time years,

Who’ve inspired and touched me and made learning clear.

My dog’s morning kisses; they’re my daily alarm,

And my cell phone, oh yes, that’s attached to my arm.

My aunt and my grandma, my brother and dad,

There isn’t a one that could better be had.

These all are great loves that I cant live without,

And things I would bring to an island hideout.

But if only just one, could come with me though,

It hasn’t been mentioned, at least not just so.

The ‘one’ I would choose, has always been there,

For me and for others and now I will share,

A part of her life that endears her to me,

She is my mother, and her name is, Ani.


When little, her family struggled with money,

It was hard to find hope and not much was funny.

No heat or hot water, sometimes were her plight,

It was then she would cry in the darkness of night.

She faced many hurdles and emotional strife,

When a man tried to break in her house with a knife.

What could she do, to escape this cruel world?

She thought and she thought till a plan was unfurled.

Her mind was the key, her affordable tool,

So she used it to work and did well in high school.

College was next and a job after that,

Where she met my dad Brad, over phone call chitchat.

She worked several years, got married, had babes,

She was far far away from her childhood days.

But her drive remained constant and she liked to help others,

Raising money for cancer and donating to shelters.

She crocheted for church, to comfort the old,

And still feeds the birds when outside is so cold.

A top-notch home cook, she shared meals with our neighbor,

And her cookies? Forget it, they’re treats you will savor.


There are many more reasons why she is the best,

She deserves a nice trip to relax and to rest.

So that is why I, will take her to go,

To a deserted island, with just me to say hello.

But wait you might say, what would she think?

Would she really enjoy, a trip on the brink?

The answer is YES, she would love and not care,

To fend for us both, with not much to spare.

She’s known that before, and could easily do,

With some clams and a coconut, she’d whip up a stew.

She’d feed us and then would move on to a tent,

That she’d fasten with palms, not one would be bent.

Creative and witty she’d help us survive,

Rescue signs, picking berries, each day she would strive,

To give us her all, while wearing her smile,

Singing songs, telling jokes, cause that’s part of her style.


All of the reasons I’ve mentioned before,

Are the reasons why Mom is the one I adore.

For no matter where, we get stuck or exist,

Her gifts to me hold, no boundaries or limits.

It’s from her example I know not to take,

For granted the things that I have or could make.

To always give back to the people who need it,

To be kind and be gentle, wise and articulate.

Work hard and find happiness in all that you do,

There’s beauty in life, and what makes you your you.

I also know now, there is nothing to fear,

When faced with a struggle, the solution is clear,

There’s always a way, a chance and a hope,

To conquer a challenge during life’s ups and slopes.

I am fully prepared now, to go off to college,

Out on my own and endowed with her knowledge,

Of a world that is open, and as big as it seems,

It’s never impossible to achieve my own dreams.


Thanks Mom. I love you.

This poem is about: 
My family


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