Need Me

It’s a cold feeling.
A feeling that leaves a person with the impression that there is no safety net at the bottom
A feeling that reminds me that desperation is for the flies on the wall, listening.
It’s a blanket still.
Warm with the promise that it don’t matter what you said they still need you.
They still want to need you.
Like a child who just can’t kick curiosity
Or a dog who wants nothing more than to taste the creamy bitterness of the cocoa tree.
Need me
Need me like an addict needs their fix, unhealthily
Need me like I’m the rain and you the Sahara sands, thirst for me.
Need me like I’m your mother arms wide open oozing necessities like a spring, lovingly.
It’s a feeling of bliss to me.
It’s a feeling of animalistic pride that births this sense of I’m better you see.
Because they still want to need me.
Still want me to be the thing that will set them free.
Desert Island cold, it’s a temporary bitch with kleptomaniac symptoms.
Ugly like the moon when it’s lonely for destiny
It simmers and cooks your precious wishes of I will always be…
Here, you see.
But it don’t matter because it’s a terrorist in the artic, cold and empty.
It’s like a drug that leads to despondency
Brutal like an unforgiving liberal.
Black cat smooth, penalized with the head of a snake beauty.
And it will never leave.
Because it loves to see me in desperate need of people who will always want to need me. 

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