What Quenches My Thirst

Mon, 04/04/2016 - 19:27 -- busybee

Surrounded all around are things of all kind

things I cant function without but things that i dont need

my need is what I have to find when i ask finally

what is it I need and want at once to live my eternity


What is it that will quench my thirst

and feed my curiosity?

what is it that will make me felt loved 

and help me ravel my identity?


Because in the end it is me I have to live with,

and something inside me is my ultimate rock.

so I decide on what survived the first of us,

Adam, to live in the labyrinth of this world 

and I realized it wasnt a book or mobile or anyother device

but the knowledge of the creator and being the creation

in hopes to return to where you descend in the end.


And so shall I, live with my piece of mind,

my content of heart and my belief on my God

And without this belief and knowledge I am an empty shell as you may find.

Devoid of life and lost in wlderness

mistaking this hellhole for some bliss.

But for me its my belief that I live off,

That I live for and this keeps me alive and not a dead or a cutoff!



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