Her, it was all her doing.

The memories still fresh and brewing,

Those days where she would say "it will be alright"

Those nights when she would hold me tight

No one could ever feel that unconditional love

Something that fit like a glove,

She was sweet and bitter but it was just right

And then she was taken, right out of sight. 

And she was strong

Until that big C hit her and she couldn't last for long

And that's what ended the "i'll be okay" song

Because of her, I felt lost.

And to be without her, was the ultimate cost.

But i'm alright.

Because it was her that taught me that.

That fear was a rat and I was the cat,

That I was powerful, and with a stroke of my hand

I could make something grand,

Or be it

That I should never stay defeated and sit 

In the throne of the loser, where we all fit in,

But not me, 

Because I got to see

What was meant to be.

All in the form of poetry.

And if I ever lost it,

I would feel hit.

Because it connects me, with the one thing who is my cure.


This poem is about: 
My family


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