Having to Let Go

My four legged friend,

though we might get parted for various reasons,

I will always have you in my heart

Because although you might not have understood what I said,

you were always by my side,

Always by my side.

Though this is the last time, I have something to say,

Let’s meet up

Let’s meet up in the field of flowers

where we can run till we run out of energy.

But now we sit silent,

I keep thinking in my head how much I will miss you.

It hurts, so should I say this or not -

Although I don’t want to -

I have been holding on to you for so long

But now I must let go

There’s nothing I can do for you

It’s the only way to make you happy

So I let go

So you can be happy.

Although I don’t want to,

I have to let go.



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