No More

Stuck on an island with sand in my toes,

I’m the only one here – my thoughts are my foes.

I sit on the ground and take a long, deep, calm breath,

Trying not to think of my impending death.

I remind myself that the only thing I brought here

Is no more of my fears.


No more am I afraid of

Never finding true love.

No doubts of ever being a bride,

I’m just here for the ride.


No more am I afraid of pressure,

The air here’s fresher.

The birds chirp quietly,

While I get to think silently.


No more am I afraid of confrontation ,

I’m the only one in this nation.

No threat of tumbling bombs,

My only worries are coconuts falling from the palms.


No more do I worry,

Of always being in a hurry.

I can sit, imagine a drink with some lime;

Three hundred sixty five days of summer time.


While I may not be on this island for long,

I can listen to nature’s song.

For what I brought here with me

Has set me free.

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