Under the Lights

They said let me pick your brain out

Wait before you lay down

Will you fill this page now

They tell me how to live and they think I want the same route

I've never been content as if all I see if rain clouds

The stage is my solace the pain is my monster

If I'm being honest to perform I'd be a martyr 

Born with these desires do I dare to blame the potter

If I did retire it would turn me to a rotter

All I know is I need to perform let's keep the speakers loud

Pray the stage is always warm now let's find the biggest crowd

See I will scream and shout if I cannot pack the house

If I practiced all these lines just to lie down on the couch

It's engraved in my design everything that I'm about

Remember nights I cried they told me to never pout

But they will never get it they were born to be complacent

I will never finish I was born for entertainment

A life without the stage yeah I know that I would hate it

Stuck inside the same 'til my six-foot-deep replacement




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