No Wi-Fi Signal :(

Wed, 04/06/2016 - 21:19 -- ritz142


No Wi-Fi Signal :(

Originally called the World Wide Web

Has now become something we can't bear to live without

The Internet, something almost everyone has used before

If the world somehow lost it, what would we do?

There would be no Netflix, Snapchat, or Twitter

Life would not be sweet but bitter

Imagine not having Wi-Fi for a day

How could you possibly talk with bae?

There would be no GPS system

Can't get to work in this type of ecosystem

Siri wouldn’t respond anymore

No more purchases from online stores

There's no longer a way to develop our minds

The media won't be there to open our eyes, open the blinds

We'll all be ignorant of what's going on in the world

No idea about wars, or future Presidents and their brains whirled

Google provides us with unlimited sources

We can learn about horses, divorces, or the armed forces

Should we really go back to the stone ages?

I prefer living in the era of education and web pages

I am grateful to live in the time of convenience and knowledge

Aren't you?


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Our world


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