I Need Me

I Need Me


How can I stay sane

when everyone I know is so far away?

There are so many things I’d want to take with me,

but only one thing really matters to me.

I don't need the objects, money, nor people

I just need my humanity.


As crazy as this might seem,

just listen to my reasoning.

An object is only a temporary fix,

a distraction against the loneliness. 

Money means less than zero,

in a place far away from the world 

that puts money over morals.

Another person would add to the insanity.

Like the blind leading the blind,

we would both be walking away from our humanity,



I need me

Who I am is my humanity.

The emotions, morals, civility, and sanity,

The things that I hold most dear to me.

These I would not want to be lost

on the shores of nowhere and nothingness.


I need me 

It would be easy to let go

everything that I know

and exchange them for savagery,

just as the boys did,

who were stranded on a island.

Who only had a conch to help set rules

and a weak grasp on their morality.

If I can take myself with me and keep it,

I can flatten any bump in my path

for in me, I have the strength.


I need me

one day i would be rescued from this isolated isle,

take back to the place i called home,

but will I be the same?

Who will I return as?

Since with me my humanity was brought,

I won’t return as an empty vessel,

hollowed by the temptation of savagery,

I will return with my emotions, morals, civility and sanity.

I will return as me.


How can I stay sane

when everyone I know is so far away?

There are so many things I could have taken with me,

but only one thing really mattered to me.

I just needed me and my humanity.

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