10 Things I'd Like to Say About Jealousy


I’ve always hated you

You were always there whenever my big, dark brown eyes

Aimed straight at the boy whom I used to value



You make me want to change the person I am

I am not as loud as the others

I am not 100% confident (or at least I want to be)

I am not as beautiful as the girl with long, lean, lustrous legs and a breathtaking face

Who can get any guy all over the world


I am who I want to be; myself



Stop possessing me and make me scroll through the boy that I’ve liked Instagram

Take an eyeful look at his pictures

And accidentally double tap on his pictures



Stop making my heart disintegrate into pieces and pieces as if my heartstrings may no longer love again

Stop transforming me into this crazy, psychotic human being which I am most likely not one of them

Stop whatever you are doing to me; physically and emotionally and just GO AWAY



There are a basket full of flowers to be fond of so why me?!

Why am I the one that you picked out of the basket?!

I am just a lonesome flower who wants to be left alone without anything cutting me




Friends are like cement. The longer you stay, the harder it is to leave.

Unless the cement is broken.

Those type of friends that has a slender body and they only eats a bowl of garden salad with ranch dressing and you’re sitting across from her and you’re eating a chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A with a side of waffle fries

It makes you look like a wild mammoth and that friend look like a majestic peacock which

makes YOU stare at them like death is waiting.



Listening to the chatter of long time friends

The jealousy starts blooming

It will never end as I want it to be

The word, Jealousy, keeps rambling on into my brain like two birds having a conversation with each other

Chirp, chirp, chirp



Why would you even leave me neglected and broken inside?!

Why would you text me if I wanted to go out if you’re just going to act like I’m a waste of time and just throw me out of the gutter?!

Can’t you see that I’m acting like this?

It’s this anguish pain I feel inside



I bet you I can be fixed

More than a broken bone

Someday I will have a smile that will light up Dubai

A smile that will make things better



Screw you, jealousy



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