Survival With You

Isolation at its peak

Abandoned on an island

With nothing to see

But water as far as can be


What would you bring

If it meant you can see

All the beauty and wonder

While you are lost at sea


Well, I’d bring my lover

The one who knows me

We’d sit there for hours

Planning out our weeks


If he were there

Right beside me

I know that I could be

Safe and loved for eternity


Weather can torment us

It can also save us too

As long as we’re together

There’s nothing we can’t get through


Without him I am lost forever

With him I can breathe and see

He is my heart’s keeper and light

Without him I can barely be me


He showed me how to be free

There’s no restrictions between us

If I should stop and falter

He’ll be there for me


He’ll pick me up when I am down

And hold me close as he clowns around

Never will my smile disappear

As long as he is always near


On an island so insane

We’ll never stop and

Become deranged as

Long as we are still together




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