Life and Happiness


United States
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I can't live without happiness; 

However, I can survive.

But, is a life without living, and only surviving, a life worth keeping alive?

Society wants money, and power, and demand for respect. 

I want a smile, the world's warmth and the glow love emits and never regrets.

I want? No - I need.

For living can't be perceived, without happiness and in that, there is depth.

A heart yearns for joy, because existing is not living in the absence of happiness. 

It's not selfish for you and I to crave a drop, although I'd like to drown. 

In happiness, life is full of hope, and in hope , serenity is found.

In happiness, greys are less vivid , but the world is painted in hue.

In happiness, the world is living art, an exhibition made to be experienced by two.

Be brazen, be bold - willingly want what I need. 

A life full of happiness, that exceeds existence, a life made to breathe.






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