What is most important to me

Is acceptance of everyone we see.

Black, white, Asian and all

My desire is diversity.


For the girl with skin the color of earth

To view the media and know her worth

To see women her color in beauty ads

And never need to search and search.


For the young boy whose skin is brown

To hold his head high, and never frown.

Because so many fear his religion

They mock and jeer when he is around.


For the teenage girl whose hips are wide

To wear the clothes she wants to with pride

To ignore the slim models who caused her shame

And know her body is nothing to hide.


For the boy struggling to find himself

To know his family is there to help,

That all they want for him is love

And whoever he chooses, they will accept.


Change may be a slow occurrence

But everyone can make a difference

With kindness and the golden rule

I hope that all will gain acceptance.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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