I’m Anchored in Pain

Sun, 03/27/2016 - 20:43 -- ayork40

Days pass me by,

from Monday to Saturday.

I don’t care anymore,

for time is irrelevant to me anyway.


I have a love hate relationship with the world,

and currently I am feeling only hate.

Life seems so pointless now,

for I’ve lost my very own first mate.


Be happy everyone says,

don’t feel sad they demand.

There is no controlling this though,

my feelings are stuck on one and that one is sad.


I refuse anti-depressants,

for I still want to feel.

Feeling is painful,

but at least feeling is real.


It holds boats ashore,

which is very helpful I suppose.

But it’s attached to a rope,

and the rope to my toes.


I miss him so much,

but I guess I should say goodbye.

He was my one and only,

how could he up and die?


It drags me down,

deeper and deeper into the darkness.

I will never escape,

my body might as well be an empty carcass.


I still am in love with him,

and I always will be.

Even as this anchor,

pulls me to the bottom of the sea.


Years have passed,

and people have moved on.

I don’t think I can take this,

I am almost all gone.


I can’t see the sunlight anymore,

and my lungs are almost full.

This depression has dragged me down,

its never been this powerful.


Now I must go,

for my love is calling me.

I have finally found him again,

at the bottom of the sea. 

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