All I Need (Hope)

In times of desperation nearing an untimely termination,

In times of obscurity making me doubt my security,

With no one in sight but the young man in the mirror,

Battered with plight and no help in sight,

You were there when no one else was left to make me feel right,

The drums of doom dare impede my ambition,

Yet you were there to assist me in bringing my efforts to frutition,

And for that I must say I am incapable of living with you,

As an entity you are not one nor two,

You are an aura within me that luminates the darkest of corners wherever I go,

You help overcome life's enemies and combatants, whoever my foe,

I will prevail and emerge victorious, that much I do know, 

Because it is so difficult to lose the war with you, my dear friend Hope.

Yet, within me you are,

You are far from a supernatural being nor akin to a star,

No, rather, you are more like the water I drink that helps me replenish,

The boost that I need to reach a new zenith,

With a might that would make Napolean and Hannibal tremble in fear,

With a persistence that would make sure a farmer's crops grow well each year,

With an accuracy that would make a toddler stand up dominant in the toughest leer,

Hope, my dear friend, I'm glad you are here. 



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Our world


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