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If you want to go to Heaven, Jesus is the only way.If you haven't accepted Jesus, you should do it today.If you want to go to Heaven, accept Jesus Christ as your savior.
Christ in a manger was laid,regally known but lowly.His royal identitywas to three wise men revealed,but from his kinsmen concealed.
Christ is born this day with Bethlehem's poor.So unassuming, he enters our worldwith shepherds lowly coming to adorethis infant Lord who will freedom herald.
I'm feeling anxious and I can't stop. it comes in waves that crash over me and pull me in the riptide. I can barely surface  to breathe. I can feel the oxygen slowly leaking out
A real sinner of a saint Pretended to be what I ain't Thanks be to God Salvation is eternal and doesn't grow faint Robed in my own righteousness Tags read Sherwin-Williams exterior paint
What, shall I fear the veiled unknown? To die and pass the mortal shroud They say ascencion through the cloud Will whisk me to the Gloried Throne, But what awaits? No tongue has told
In the beginning was the Word, And the Word was with God, And the Word was God. The Word was a whisper, yet also a shout;
Look at the trees clothed in vibrantly green leaves, Leaves that not only give beauty but life in all its glory! White flowers with no spot to dull its petals’ eaves.
“More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through
2 June 2019 10:37 AM Flakes of light drifting down Radiant dreams touch all around What light adorns this wonderful world That shadow would run to find the door
What has happened to the days of truth? When one could trust their neighbor, their family, a friend  Everywhere I look trying to see through the mist, the fog that hides our true intentions 
I am self-sufficient I am the ying to my yang I do not need a man to heal me But I do need him, when the time comes To understand that I am already whole And not in the way that the ocean is
We will have peace, Whether we are in Eden, Or Gethsemane.   For we will rise with the sun, And we will eat sweet fruit, From His vineyards.   We will go to the water,
When the red sky comes, Clouds form and heavy wind pushes me into confusion. Wind grabs me by the hand, Trying its best to hold me back.
To ask of my Mentor, Is to ask quite a thing.  To ask of my Leader, Compels me to sing.   His power and glory Can't be known to the world.  His love and His kindness
I hold a wounded Christ, or so legend says, within this fragile sand dollar - five punctures - hands, feet, side   no blood or gore to disturb me but a gentle reminder of his sacrifice  
I’m gonna start with a question That I doubt you can answer Because I’m sure it’s in you Spreading like a cancer It’s in me too, Though I’ve only just become aware
I'm an atheist, But that doesn't make me rude. Keep on trucking, theists, By all means, you do you. But I don't appreciate Being painted as the villain.  I'm not broken nor filled with hate;
My sorrow lays unclad as he dissipates like a breeze never to be felt and never to be seen too many he never existed kindly felt by the few who accept the truth
Everyday I wake up thinking it's a brand new day But things are the same, it never seems to change Time flies by and my money waves good bye.. But
It'd make sense to sell books filled with psalms our love has inspired. Profit from the nonstop poems venting the glories I admired, But it's not worth a dime , not even a dollar,
Tasted now, a love so pureSugar sweet, a cyder richA love by no other name,Which can be called thisIt's warmth embraces, even the distantA flame, a light, burning deepThe darkest of hearts can not escape
You say you don’t seeYou’ll deny it foreverBut the truth statesThere’s no such thing as “Never”
The universe,An unequivocal mess of chaotic understandingLanguage, by which, no other comparesAnd the One who authors itBy no other name than what isThe very essence of existence, language
He’s been called DeadHe’s been called a mythIt’s been askedCan He make a rock even he can’t lift?
God, move your peopleMove in this placeThe Lord's name is powerfulForever God you reignYou call me cou
In the road walked a woman with a bleeding soul her heart was dragged into a ditch  her mind was stuck in a dark pit  walking the long and lonesome roads her eyes stared into the naked woods 
I'm thankful for love,  Thankful for life. I'm thankful for heaven above and thankful for time. I'm thankful for smells, and the song of the birds. I'm thankful for health,
I’m going to tell you a story  A story not about you or me  But a story about a tree    See this tree was called a cross  A horrific death sentence laid across  a man named Jesus  
My father in heaven has told me, Because I love you, I created you so beautifully in your mother's womb. From one step to the next I watched you, and now look how grown up you are.
It was nothing but a blurAmidst the insecurities of life Hasty decisions Jumping into conclusions Hiding blemishes Closing gaps In betweenBroken roadsPerfectioning one another's flaws
We were like sheep gone astray, In silence he endured the suffering, Paving the way back to the amazing grace. In and with Love He our sin bore Casting lots on the clothes he wore His life He freely gave
We all know him,Jesus of Nazerine, But as CHRIST that's no-know He,like a young plant grew,grew like a root out of dry ground He had no form of majesty that we should desire
The Lord came to earth with a life to give Our souls he healed so each one of us may continue to live. Live we must do like how he did with and in his love so others can also share in his life
What if we all had wingsWings to lift our broken soulsWings to lift our shattered thingsWings to make us wholeWhat if invisible we could beNot to be seen or heardWould that set us free?
All people walking this Mother Earth.Did you know you have eternal worth?That you hold within a true radiant light.Did you know it is a spiritual guide?Did you know there's more to life than to work and die?That you came to earth to live a greater
 In a vision of hardened hearts and blinded minds;partaking of the precious fruit may seem like a waste of time. I bare the sweetest fruit in all the earth.Nothing can compare. I can satisfy your thirst and hunger for relief from this world.
I am a Man of God. I ask myself, "Are you living like a Man of God?" Humph... Something is just not right... Why are these things happening to me? Why am I hearing these voices? Get away fear!
Where is my love Where are my dreams  Hiding behind fanciful schemes Or rushing through a river Under the water that gleams
Joseph and Mary tried to find shelter but they were unable.Finally, an innkeeper gave them permission to use his stable.Jesus was born in that stable and Mary put him in a manger.
God. A being we can never fully grasp without His help. One who brings us joy and emotion. He who first felt pain and sorrow
When you're tempted to commit a sin, remember God's son.When you're tempted, ask yourself what Jesus would've done.Jesus Christ has never sinned, he was a perfect human being.
Sometimes I want to feel sad I rather enjoy the feeling of bad But then some sense gets knocked into me And I know that it’s Jesus I need
Death can't bring about life but that wasn't so in Jesus's case.When he died, it brought about immortality for the Human Race.Because of Jesus's death, the dead will not perish, they will live forever.
His Love It envelops me in happiness It makes my heart sing a song It pulls back the curtain of confusion It teaches me right from wrong  It shows me the purpose of life 
Born from a virgin and in a manger before this time, He was just a stranger.   Just a name that I would call out in distress but now I thank Him for all that I've been blessed.  
Like a tsunami rises from the sea; death arises out of life; every being has it's time; every person the appointed day; how we die is not our choice; will we go in joy or strife;
A heart of love is pure and kind. It knows no evil ways. It's jealous not, nor proud in mind. It's patience never fails.   A heart of love will suffer long And bear all peircing pain.
false  too confused to know the truth lost but what was lost, was it you? who I don't recognize   when did I lose you was it when you shouted? or when you laughed?
Hello everyone My name is Ashley Many middle names Clement I am 22 years old And I am one among 10 brothers and sisters
All-powerful and mighty one, you sit so highly on your throne. authoritative over each beat, each flow. Oh king forever, you are the river of life, sustaining each cell, each breath, each pulse. Oh yes
When we thought we were blest, HE sent us tests. When we couldn't stay close, HE arose. When we were slaves, HE came to save. We tried to survie,
Christmas  Oh what a time of celebration, When everyone you love come together with much cheer and joy. Proceeding closer and closer to a new year. 
That familiar question                 I’ve seen it before                                 What would you do? If there was nothing else left,                 No one to rely on,
What can't I live without What I can't  breathe about  Breathe to the understanding of my own self What I can't  live without What i can't  eat without Eat without the comfort in my own shell
All I’d need Would be God With His wonders he’d keep me alive Because He parted the red sea when his people were being attacked Made it rain fresh bread from an empty sky
Poke andStab andPinch andCutAndLift andPluck andCover upBecause internal beauty isn't enoughAnymoreLess eatingLess sleepingMore doingLess being
I know of people in terrible pain I know of people with nothing to gain And people who don’t know their creator’s name I know of people who don’t get the chance to believe I know of people who don’t see
He is like the father I never had, The one I go to when I am sad, The one who I thank when I am filled with joy,
Consider Judas Iscariot, son Of Simon, follower of Christ the Lord. Their souls were knit, and became as if one, His heart's best brother, above all adored.   Consider this; a favor, asked by a friend,
Reconciliation. A mighty King, a treasonous peasant. The King holds all peace and all joy and all fullness of life. what does the peasant need? he needs the King.  
Soldier of Christ   I tend to see too many people going through their relationship with Christ like it's a job. Being a part-time Christian, but expecting a full time God.
As I was descending from my declavity, with such an excessive velocity, suddenly I precipitated on a Holigorized thoroughfare.
You may strip me to the bone and examine my every part Go ahead and remove my soul While I pray to GOD that I will let go Of all my insecurities And my bad qualities And a broken back that will not stop me.
I am no winner I am a sinner I'm as good as dead But a man saved me And that is why I bow my head I am a narcissist Even though I don't want to be
Pain in my feet is gettin' worse, Knees, white chicken flour. Mine. Nappy, natural, Nia again. Fallen, yet we do not know it. Where is the Nguzo Saba? Morals, ethics, Christ died for this?
Oh the few that stand The test of time Oh the few content To be sublime Oh the few rich That care for the poor Oh these few that were But are no more   Oh the few that hold
Love isn’t a rose
I am free Yet trapped completely There are no physical boundaries closing me in But I am surrounded by unmoving walls that I have built with sin The smooth stones keep piling up
I am redeemed 
God's son was Michael the Archangel before his birth.But he was named Jesus Christ when he came to Earth.Michael the Archangel was his name.He resurrected the dead and healed the lame.
Everyday I wonder who I am People try and tell me, but it just feels like a scam And some days I think I’m at the top of the world And I start to see God’s plan unfurl
I became very angry when I went to a DVD store.I'll tell you why that I'm not going there anymore.When I bought a DVD movie, the sales clerk offered to give me 'The Last Temptation Of Christ' for free.
— sui cædere… To make way for grief
Jesus left Heaven to be one of us and God allowed his only son to go.Jesus died so that people will not be sent to the Lake of Fire below.Jesus performed miracles.He was truly remarkable.
Jesus Christ was the greatest Jewish man who has been on the Earth.The world became a far greater place on the day of his birth.When Jesus was nailed to the cross, he died for people's sins.
It’s up to us to make it workbut how can weif death holds sway?And yet I still say:no, waitone minute now, shut your eyessee it therein your mind’s eyeshining from afar
He's the Son of God and he was the greatest man who ever lived.He's compassionate and he has always been willing to forgive.He's the Son of God and his blood was collected in the Holy Grail.
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gabriel. My friends call me Gabe. And my father, well he hardly calls me at all. How's that for subtle? Please don't feel sorry for me.
The Lord is my Sheperd, that means I'm the sheep, i have nowhere to go unless my Lord speaks, My Lord is my Provider, If He provides, I eat,
I really just want to speak a little of what's on my heart, Im
Knowing every twist and turn, rise and fall,
Surrounded by adversity; expected to fall and fail. The middle child over looked, Invisible to one and all. I try to find my place I try to find my skills; instead I drown in obscurity,
These demons This pain And this everlasting dread.   No friends… just devils Inside of my head.
I accepted Christ as my LORD That means he will reign over my life. When Christ comes in and makes me new I am made FLAWLESS to him no matter what I do.    I am viewed with a clean slate
Prude. Censuring. Perfect little girl. Am I a prude when I dislike foul words? And promiscuity is not something I adore: But how can I be perfect if you claim that I’m a churl?  
Sun burns self to give us light, nevertheless, it is strong. Signifies, sacrifice doesn't weaken but makes us strong. © Sadashivan Nair. All rights reserved
I am from cells, built together to make my mother’s uterus, If I wasn’t supposed to come out, then how did I,
The Lord gave me a heart for the hurting Allowed me to enjoy opportunities of which I wasn’t always deserving Endowed me with the power of spiritual discernment Enabled confidence to generate a lyrical disturbance
  When you look for it you can’t find it.
I haven't always been this way I remember better days
I'm on top of the world he said in the next breath, he proclaimed, That we all fall. Its kind of funny how we're all taught, how we all bought into the lies that we all sought.
Can you feel it? Can you feel that Change? I can feel it blowing our way. Can you see it? Can you see this new day?  I can hear it calling our name.   Change is coming down. Change is coming now.
i cannot find those words i wrote how can i when i wrote them long ago weeks years months seconds lifetimes how can we find anything in this world
Who am I to say I got this, when my life was a train wreck and I couldn't even stop it?
Potters Clay by L.C   Pictures painted  without a brush And sketches drawn  with just a touch   As potter's clay We start to mold 
I am an ocean wave, grasping for the rocks. There’s no need for time, nor for any clocks. God has a future planned, planned for you and me,
What is love without a cost?It doesn't exist; it is a lifetime lost.To sacrifice for a person loved,opens a way for a heart to pour.
When I'm in scared I go to You When I'm in pain I go to You
I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don't know where life or God plan to take me. I don't know what this world will bring.
What makes my mind tick?
****I am not bashing other religions but rather providing my reasoning behind choosing the Christian faith.  I respect all religions and faiths and believe that everyone should believe in something. This is why I believe in Jesus Christ.
Lord I forgot What it is to be hated I forgot why the crowd's ever swaying Against us. We Your body Made up of broken battered people Crowd under dirty crooked steeples. No wonder they hate us.
I'm accumulated of amalglation of breaking points That I would ever be ashamed To write the glories of your name, Because they seem boring- Compared to some. But how can YOU be boring?
We're all the rap-chattle of the world The odds and ends of broken finger bones and type-cast surfaces.  Men and women from every walk of life Welcome here to the ragged masquerade.
my scars tell me  you're too much  you'll never be enough  you're not pretty enough  you're never going to be good enough  and for awhile I let my scars define me 
In this world I so often see People hiding from the world For they do not see hope Some are even blind To the thought it could exist, For what hope is there In a world so ravaged
Mind over matter But what really matters Controlling your mind or leaving the matter to the master
In the midst of pain is when I seek you I want You in my life with everything I do
A pitter-pat, a lowly beat, The gentle treading of my feet. A feeling that only One can bring, When comes the knocking of a King. He seeks entrance to my soul, A gentle warmth, a new-formed coal.
I am the strange man. The man that is a boy. The boy that is a man. I play words as a decoy, I refuse to write and wrong with the same hands. So I try to write as well as I can.
They Offer No Absolution If we’re born sick But we love it, Will we ever change? If we wanted to confess our sins Without fear Of them sharpening knives To cause pain
Change is a gift given freely. What could I possibly change? Who could I influence to induce a change within our system, within my mind, with every flaw counted toward mankind?
I am a baby blue bird, drifting to the soft sands of Rio de Janeiro, while lying dead on a dilapidated raft with all cares in the world left forgotten by my bedside.  
Slow like the morning sun rises The hourglass frozen Dawn passes a slow horizon
This person has been around from the time I was born And if I lose this person I wouldn't have the heart to mourn and my heart is so torn because I didn't always like 'em, Matter of fact I used to hate 'em
Many people say if i did not do anything wrong to someone who is mad at me i do not have to apologize.
You’re afraid Your stone heart is being pulled away, This bruised thing you held on to when all else had gone astray You feel yourself break, But remember how gray your life was And even just in one moment
I wish for world peace, For there to be no war, 
I met a guy on Janurary 21, 2011. Now he wasn't just any guy! He didn't use me or break my heart. In fact He found me, during the hardest time of my life. He didn't care how broken I was,
Steps echo against a darkness Whispers of souls lost too Raising my head towards destiny Feeling the sensation of gratification The flames overtake this body For now I am free Now I can be
Not alive 'till now.  This is my coming-of-age.  Taking my first step.
Christmas Tree By: Linda Oostendorp  
Lust is a must in my generation because my generation is influencing this nation-Yes. Because the teachers don't teach the students; The students teach the teachers. They try to discipline us and we say we'll tell our moms,
We've heard it in lesson after lesson.We've seen it when people cry. The words they hurt; they bruise and bleed, and we just turn our eyes. How long can we sit and live like this, while we know that others die? Inside and out they're broken,  till
I read your note the one you haven’t wrote only a plan in your head to become forgotten and dead
One may look and say, You look like a angel, But like mirrors that hit a ray, Your life is one big tangle.   The mask you wear, Make people say AYE, But what’s not shown there,
One Day I lost you, disappeared in thin Air, I went searching for you but could not find you anywhereOh the grief you have caused I nearly pulled out my Hair, I looked up, down all around but nowhere
All I wanted was freedom, I mean we live in America. We are all about being brave and free. However I think we forgot the true meaning of freedom. We celebrate our freedom with family and fireworks but still lost in our chains.
Before I beginI must say this story is filled with an abundant amount of sinIntertwined with remarkable appearanceI repaint this canvas to enhance itsAdherenceFor my thoughtsSadly for heThe creator
I have a friend, the term friend used lightly, here she comes, here come depression once again, taking over what doesn’t belong to it, once again mad at the world, once again forcing a smile, once again whipping away tears, once again hurting and
  This painful Earth will soon no more exist Someone please accept my last dying cry I will vastly go but here is the twist
  Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang, In this jungle life is rain, pain, and stay sane,     It’s a guerrilla war-zone out here; the only things you hope will save you are your training, luck, and camouflage,
  My Love,   You are my heart, my joy, and my bride. For you, I took the nails and the wound in my side. For you, I was beaten beyond recognition. For you, I lived knowing I’d endure crucifixion.
I can remember the day that I was saved Inside of my heart I was totally enslaved The devil had a complete total hold on me And there was no way out that I could see Nothing but a continual dark heavy night
Funny how we forget where we come from Funny how we never really can't Funny how death brings sadness Funny how life brings pain A leaf is not really green The sky is not really blue
Darkness It creeps around me It surrounds me Everything is dark Hurt and pain engulf me They rearrange my story There is no hope   I open my eyes to find a glimpse of something.
Can't you tell by the scars I wear? I'm slowly losing my mind tear by tear it's too much to bear! It's the perfect season to end it all right? It's the perfect time to end my life tonight?
They say the human mind is a piece of work, easily controlled by the devil like a fish driven in by a hook. But God am I the bait or simply just a righteous crook? I have no way of knowing if I'll find death so I continue to look.
  Forget not the blood I shed, The crown of thorns placed on my head, The nails that pierced my feet and hands, And the prayer of forgiveness for you I said.   Forget not why I had to die
He asked me who I was. So I told Him:   "I don't know who I am... All I know is that I'm a sinner. I am the scum of the earth. I've messed up too many times to count. I'm broken. Useless.
Lord out here, in the wide open. I seem to always have fear, but my heart you have woven.   You have taken my broken, what seemed like dead life. You have awoken,
I have a dream And as I say these words, I feel the word dream fade away The nightmare takes its place and the only thing we dream of is a new dawn And I’m not talking about it breaking in two parts—Twilight
Here i go again. I find myself on my knees of forgiveness for as i commit my body to perversion I nail you upon the wood in which you created I disobey your commandments now i can only feel the pain ever more.
Merry Christmas, the time is near. Smell of the Christmas tree. Everyone filled with great cheer. Christmas lights, shiny and so bright Christmas joy, I can fill all in the air.
Could it be? This man beside me - Battered, bleeding, dying? Could it be? Amid the rising jeers This mocking crowd is crying? Could it be? Though wails surround Of those recanting in regret?
I am the wind inside the star, I am the child seen from afar. I am the water which few can drink, I am the man who dares to think. I am the fire burns ever bright, I am the ancient, age-old might.
Now let me start out by saying this… God made Minute Made...- because in less than a minute, a minute was made.. I got a little bit relaxed with myself when I, weaved only a little bit of his will with a whole lot of my will.
The road is marked with sorrow, My undeserving hollow Heart waits for every morning, When it wakes refreshed from its mourning
Red Blood; Shed! Purifies Me, Cleanses Me, He's No Longer Dead. Now I'm; White As Snow! THE CROSS!
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