Problem Solving

Poke and
Stab and
Pinch and
Lift and
Pluck and
Cover up
Because internal beauty isn't enough
Less eating
Less sleeping
More doing
Less being
Hard hearts and rough starts
Girls hating their external parts
Because of life's careless darts
That are thrown their way
And girls have salty water streaming down their faces
And hearts with empty spaces
Where love should be
They are so lost they could be
In Neverland
But they don't have a saviour named Peter Pan
We aren't orphans,
Lost boys with no place to go
With our saviour, there's always a home
He is our father when parents leave us alone
And maybe there is no "second star to the right"
But my saviour's star led shepherds in the night
And he leads me
He gave himself up to be
Stoned and
Bruised and
Whipped and
And he loves every
Disowned and
Used and
Stripped and
Girl that he created.
Because we are masterpieces
God is the ultimate artist
Creating beauty from his breath
Saving lives, and defying death
Our mascara can run
And our lipstick will stain
Sometimes tears fall faster than rain
And hearts will break like a crack of thunder
But even when we're torn asunder
We will never be alone
Like Jesus on the cross all by himself
He gave up his stature and great wealth
To become a man and die
People can feel like they are useless or a waste
But we are living and we take up space
And we matter
Maybe sugar and spice sound really nice
But they are nothing without Jesus Christ
So why do we keep labels in life
Too short
Too tall
Too thick
Too thin
Too brave
Too weak
Showing too much skin
These are worldly problems
The same God that was placed in a tomb
Made you and me in a mother's womb
And yet we still call each other slaves and animals
We've got the wrong equations and no solution
But our worst problem was solved two thousand years ago with an execution

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Our world


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