True Chrisitanity

You’re afraid

Your stone heart is being pulled away,

This bruised thing you held on to when all else had gone astray

You feel yourself break,

But remember how gray your life was

And even just in one moment

You felt safe.

So you cast away,

Break away,

Cut away at your heart

Until all that is left is battered and frayed.

And you begin to second guess yourself.

Maybe this isn’t for me.

You think of all those times

You ran away,

Letting yourself spiral into exponential decay,

You go to climb back into the that empty shell

But hear, ever so quietly, Come away.

And you think your imagining things, but then you hear it again.

Come away.

And you can’t even think to disobey

Because this overwhelming peace

Removes such a weight.

You think of all these people,

What everyone will say.

But what are they,

Compared to being saved?

So you go and lay

At the foot of the cross,

And you expect to be thrown away

Because most people you’ve met

Wouldn’t give you the time of day.

You look up in disgrace…


To see tears

And feel a warm embrace

And then you are amazed to hear,

“I have waited and waited,

My Child, My Beloved.”

And only through Grace

Are you able to kneel and say

“Father, Send Me!”


That is what it means to be saved.


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