The Strange One

I am the strange man.

The man that is a boy.

The boy that is a man.

I play words as a decoy, I refuse to write and wrong

with the same hands.

So I try to write as well as I can.

I play myself, my attitude is my toy.

My confliction is my joy.


I am the strange child.

The child that is a parent.

The parent that is a child.

My words are ecxtacy to the minds of understanding.

I supply the mentality that my peers parents are


My spirit is commanding my mind to reflect me through every stanza.


I am the strange citizen.

The citizen that is a foreigner.

The foreigner that is a citizen.

The lonewolf in the pack, that seems distant

as an outcast,

but still close enough to snap--back at the pack

for the togetherness we lack,

trying to make way for unity when I'm barely intact.


I am the strange Christian.

The Christian that is an agnostic.

The agnostic that is a Christian.

I highly doubt my  society's perception of divinity; but I still place my faith in Christ's holy trinity.

I guess I am a strong believer, the deepest thinking underachiever.

I am both and neither.


I am the stranger...


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