The Gift


Change is a gift given freely.

What could I possibly change?

Who could I influence to induce a change

within our system,

within my mind,

with every flaw counted toward mankind?

Can I bring hope to the damned?

Bring the lost into counseling?

Free the slaved that cry across continents?

Release life through liberty?

The answer is clean:


It is inevitable that we are-at first blind to see

the need to change,

to be free of the chains:

from bad habits to addiction

any of these that may cause friction

with our community.

It is a battle become a war,

impossible to settle the score,

to repay blessing for curse.

Redemption seems to fade as a dream

and life cracks, falls apart at the seams.

We reach an impasse via futile decisions;

some would say a revelation, a vision.

We see that we cannot simply "change".

This is the impasse, that- to some- would derange

the sanest of mind, inclusive of all kinds

(does not discriminate against any a race).

We are forced to see ourselves in a mirror,

see ourselves as we truly are,

face to face.

And, as a Christian, I've realized that I'm inclined

not to change, but to make up my mind.

To open my heart

(not just metaphorically, but physically,

mentally and spiritually)

so that when I see my self in the mirror,

I will see my flaws even clearer.

However, when I now see my face,

I will see over me this unrelenting grace:

The Hope. The Counselor. The Savior. The Redeemer.

I've not the power to change me.

The only gift I have is to hope, and to believe.

As I follow through love, each step is less of me.

The change is a gift of life abundantly.


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