Who Am I?


Who am I to say I got this, when my life was a train wreck and I couldn't even stop it?

Who am I to be selfrhietous, when without  God I wouldn't be like this?Before Him I was nothing, it would be copyright infringement to say that I did something.

Who am I

Who am I to disobey, God says go, but yet I stay?Is this not the same man that died for my sin, what right do I have to say no to Him?

Who am I to act on my own, it's not me that sits on that throne?

I'm not God I'm merely a man that has no clue what to do and doesn't know his right from his left hand, I'm broken I aint fixed, I screw up too much, but He still says I'm His.

Who am I to worry and fret, God says joy comes in the morning and it aint over yet?

He says Jordan it's in my time, when are you going to learn that I'm well and alive? Stop fighting it's not your place, I'm the God that saved the world and sent my son to plead your case.

Who am I 

Who am I to be dishonest, you said sin is sin and  you never break a promise?

So what makes me better than you to live in deciet, nothing whatsoever so why do I entertain this feat? I'm not at the right hand of the Father, I'm at His feet.

Who am I to judge and say that one is worse than the other? Sin is sin regardless of what it is, it still requires the blood of our lover.

If I life, I cheat, I steal, I murder, I rape, I commit adlutery, I lust, I become prideful, in all in all I die.

The wages of sin is death I don't have the power to change that, but I do have the knowledge of whom I need to look at. His name is Jesus He is the man of every hour, whatever I'm going trhough I only make it, because of His power.

Who am I to say that I have the power to do this and to do that, I'm but a weak little coward. I looked for a new way to die, a new way to escape, reality was too scary to face it straight. So Jesus interceded through His blood that was spilled and His life that He gave, yet I'm soo sef-centered, I still want it my way. This is still truly horribly sad, but God still loves us enough to spend His own Son to buy us back.

Who am I

Who am I. I'm not anything special, I couldn't earn it, it was a free gift, and I'll never deserve it.

I am a child of The King, I am a child of The Most High God, I am redeemed.

I am dead to sin, alive in Christ, and I refuse to waste such a precious sacrifice.

I am a work in progress, never finished in life, what a beautiful process.

I am engulfed by my Savior's Love, nothing else matters.

I am free! I am alive!

THIS IS WHO I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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