Even If I Die, You Are All I Need

Tue, 04/05/2016 - 10:15 -- EmilyC

That familiar question

                I’ve seen it before

                                What would you do?

If there was nothing else left,

                No one to rely on,

                                Nothing for miles but you and your thoughts.

What would you do?

                What would you take?

                                And then, most importantly: who?

The short answer is

                A machete would do,

                                To serve me well through nature’s worst.

The long answer is

                No matter where I am

                                I need Jesus by my side, and I am whole.

I place my hope in my faith,

                Whatever may become of me.

                                For even if I die, I live.

The promise He gives,

                And by His blood gave,

                                Is enough to hold on to, even as I die.

Should the world abandon me,

                Should my family forget my name,

                                Should I never see the light of day.

Should I never hear the bird’s call,

                Or the sound of music play,

                                Should I never breath again,

I will place my hope in God

                And in His Holy Son

                                For in His bloodied hands

I find my freedom.

Be the world crumbling around me, that rock will never shake. I find freedom in Jesus Christ, for there is naught that can stop me in this world or any other from breaking the bounds of this life and living beyond, living beyond the restraints of commonality or the chains of our organic forms, for even if I die, I shall have eternal life.


The one thing I cannot live without,

                All I need,

                                Is Christ. 

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