Thu, 07/18/2013 - 03:41 -- OBADIAH


Can't you tell by the scars I wear? I'm slowly losing my mind tear by tear it's too much to bear! It's the perfect season to end it all right? It's the perfect time to end my life tonight? I left my head behind stripped myself of the remainder of my depravity. Artery by artery I couldn't savor my life no time to relish because by tomorrow the person you cherished and loved is finished. I was told there is hope if I read Your book why are you here now instead of all the other times I spent searching and You failed to look? Can't you see it's too late? I'll be in an early grave at this rate if I keep thinking this way. Answer me why didn't you stay? I thought a Father never Leaves a son an orphan and blood definitely does not betray? Please answer this prayer! "My son there was no moment of betrayal I was there all along, you will live today to tell your tale. You have endured for days and I will exalt you above many whille others fail to praise. I care and love you for who you are I know the number of hairs you have I evisioned you from the start. You have a destiny. You shine through hatred and poverty you are my son. Can't you see this battle is yours, you've already won!"


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