Forget Me Not

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 22:27 -- TraG27



Forget not the blood I shed,

The crown of thorns placed on my head,

The nails that pierced my feet and hands,

And the prayer of forgiveness for you I said.


Forget not why I had to die

And why soon after I would rise.

Do not be fooled, it was for you

That my only son was sacrificed.


Forget not when you are weak

That I am here. I’ll never leave.

Your strength will be renewed by me,

But only if you believe.


In times of joy; in times of pain,

Remember my love for you still remains.

I have my reasons, so don’t complain.

Just keep in mind, your soul is saved.


Out of the fire, you have been brought.

Your soul is eternal, but your flesh shall rot.

Live not of this earth; live for me, your God.

Please, dear child,

Forget me not.


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