1 Minute Mix Up


United States
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Now let me start out by saying this…
God made Minute Made...- because in less than a minute, a minute was made..
I got a little bit relaxed with myself when I, weaved only a little bit of his will with a whole lot of my will.
& Instead of responding to his calls, I schedule him in.
Into my own life, because I’m just too busy.
Yes. I am just too busy..
No.. I must of bumped my head..
See, because amnesia sounds better than just plain ignorance and is better than the truth, right?
Wrong! Pretending that I don’t really know when really I do know.
I am positive that he is the one for you. And for me.
But we will equal nothing if you continue to be the negative one in this equation
Don’t let the seeds of deceit be planted in you.
You don’t even have to worry about remembering the date of the marriage anniversary
Cause.. there is yet to find the a calendar with a date for all eternity.
Let me ask you this..
Oh man, Oh lord. Ahhh… ! How can I make this less awkward?
How. Can I. Make This Less Awkward?
Okay [breath . look up at ceiling. Shake head.]
Let me ask you all this.. Does anyone know you are all Christian?
No, wait.. Don’t Answer! Let me ask you direct.
Does Anybody Even Know That You Are A Christian?
Answer ME !
What’s the difference between my walk, and your walk?
Is it the same and as upbeat as Jesus’ walk, in God’s destined path?
When you leave out this church, does anybody else know that you are serious and that the God in you is there?!
Does Anybody Know That You Are A Christian By Your Actions?
Or, dose everybody only think you’re a Christian because you’re acting?
Show me. Show him. Show US, that you care..
Care about your outward image as you wear concealer to cover up that same deceit that he can unmask and see through.
Break Through!
Break through all the shoulda, coulda,woulda-ism’s, the lies and fear of what others might say, think, or do.
Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.
So just remember that..
God made Minute Made- because in less than a minute, a minute was made
& in less than a minute you can make what God wants you to create..
A life in his image, and not a scrimmage between the light that is him and the light that is dim.
God made Minute Made, and in less than a minute, you can make a date, before it is just Too. Darn. Late.


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