Our True Calling

We've heard it in lesson after lesson.We've seen it when people cry. The words they hurt; they bruise and bleed, and we just turn our eyes. How long can we sit and live like this, while we know that others die? Inside and out they're broken,  till they can't bare it anymore. But this shouldn't be the case, I say, when we're taught to offer love. Acceptance, truth, and understandingshould be the only thing we show. So lets stop this injustice, this cruelty, this lie. This isn't what we're meant for; to spit in others eyes,to get comfortable in our pews,or to sing in a church choir.  This isn't what we should do. I'm here to offer one last word,a suggestion that is due. Let's practice what we preach and show the world we are true. 


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