He is my life blood


Beverly Ma
United States

All-powerful and mighty one,

you sit so highly on your throne.

authoritative over each beat, each flow.

Oh king forever,

you are the river of life,

sustaining each cell, each breath, each pulse.

Oh yes

my heart is where you abide!

My body is your home

for your spirit is its architect.

Its very muscles ache for your presence, 

as you compel each operation.

But I cannot always follow through;

my feeble mind strays from your desire.

Each taste of defiance sweeter than the last.

Promises of prosperity tingle in my ears.

Transient tools seem strong at my fingertips.

But your essence draws me.

In secret I study your love notes;

luscious descriptors, proving your passionate affections;

and I am rendered powerless again;

knowledge turns to discernment

and I am free.

Oh yes!

I can let go!

I must be humbled,

Emptied of anything that is my own.

An island I must become, and I am blind to all else

but the ocean of your sweet perfection.

Tides of sweet adoration are all that move my soul.

Only as a child can I be complete.

Innocently incapacitated,

overcome by the strength of your arms,

bound up on a tree of victory;

muscles throbbing,

Breathe fading.

Oh my Jesus!

Repentant tears puddle at my feet

as you wither and bleed

So that I will never have a need.


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