The Love of God Is Forever


I can remember the day that I was saved

Inside of my heart I was totally enslaved

The devil had a complete total hold on me

And there was no way out that I could see

Nothing but a continual dark heavy night

Was all that I could see within my sight

But then one day I saw God’s heavenly light

It descended upon me and my heart oh so bright

I knew Jesus had come down from heaven above

Came inside my heart and changed me with his love

There and then was when I realized this truth

And it has remained with me since my youth

It’s that God is forever and his love for me is too

And that his son Jesus has come and made me new

Inside I no longer house just myself but instead two

And now my heart is the Church that harbors the Lord

His eternal presence and love is my everlasting reward

And as the years go by I know Jesus will be by my side

Then I will have me eternal reward in heaven when I die

There Jesus and the Saints will be there and be my guide

Walking there in heaven and with their love forevermore

And there I will be with my Lord to be separated nevermore


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