All I wanted was freedom, I mean we live in America. We are all about being brave and free. However I think we forgot the true meaning of freedom. We celebrate our freedom with family and fireworks but still lost in our chains. We abuse freedom as if it is was so easy to get a hold of. W e forget the history behind our nation. The One nation under God, but it offends people so we will just erase it. What happend to being proud for our country? What happend to freedom. Well its a good thing that i DOn't have to rely oon earthly freedom. I found freedom in christ and thats is all i will need. And all though i will still wait for the day that our country drops its chains of enslavement and pride to realize the past in which our foundation lies. But I will always be an american I just know the actual difference as to what freedom means. I will no longer think about the word and wonder because I know what it means to be free.  


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