Depression (Thought you had a friend)

I have a friend, the term friend used lightly, here she comes, here come depression once again, taking over what doesn’t belong to it, once again mad at the world, once again forcing a smile, once again whipping away tears, once again hurting and fighting so much pain and sorrow but why? How long will depression stay? Counting down each day waiting for it to go away, How long will my head hang low? How long will I stay quiet?

Not for long because as I pray to My Lord depression becomes irritated and can no longer stay, it must leave this vessel and find another because no matter what it whispers pressuring me to risk My Life the voice of My Deliver, My God is over powering louder than a lions roar. Goodbye depression thought you had a friend didn’t you?


Side Note: Never let yourself feel depressed and never declare that you are depressed because once you do it opens doors for evil spirits to come in and that’s where the thoughts of suicide starts to kick in. Never let yourself feel so down. Fight all negativity and pray against them each and every day. 


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