Oh The Few: An Ode to the Good

Oh the few that stand

The test of time

Oh the few content

To be sublime

Oh the few rich

That care for the poor

Oh these few that were

But are no more


Oh the few that hold

An open door

Oh the few that choose

To spare than gore

Oh the few that ought

To live than die

Oh these few are the first

To say to us goodbye


Oh the few that mean

The words they say

Oh the few that bow

Their heads to pray

Oh the few that die

An honorable death

These few that have meaning

Down to their last breath


Oh the few that know

They’ll soon leave us behind

Oh the few that stop evil

AND still are kind

Oh the few vigilantes

The ones we call heroes

Oh the few who do good

And still are called “Zeroes”


Oh the few that live

To live for GOD

Those few that stand

Wholly for Allah

The consistent that follow

Belief unto death

The ones that die before

They see their god bereft


Oh the few that deserve

To call themselves good

Only One deserved that

And He died on crossed wood

Oh these very few

That still cherish His name

Oh the few that are true

And don’t see Christ as a game


Oh the few that will stand

On His right, not His left

Oh the few among us

That stand over His test

Oh the One answer

That is taken correct

Oh the few Christ has saved

Because they said what they meant

This poem is about: 
Our world



I really liked the last two stanzas.

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