In the Beginning


Before I begin
I must say this story is filled with an abundant amount of sin
Intertwined with remarkable appearance
I repaint this canvas to enhance its
For my thoughts
Sadly for he
The creator
Disgraceful is me
The art
Thankfully for we
The people
Skillful am I
Who art
though savior
Figuratively I am melodically trained
Literally I am under restraint
There is nothing more filling
Than the true gospels dealings
Teachings of a masters gruesome wrath
Who hath
Brought man from sand
And risen woman from that man
Again and again this story is repeated
Beaten and molded into a new version
Cultured and fix with other ideals
Then crippled and weakened by Persians
Everyone is silent for a moment
Taking in this statement as true
Like the Christians of time have taken a book
Written by the Jews
And made it their holiest of holies
With new varieties of stories
Meticulous are they
Obvious are their tactics
I may lay in the sweet golden hay
But fact is
My mind wanders to lands that catch this
Feel of unorthodox thinking
I laugh at thee
You are not pious
Your lies stretch farther than the Red Sea
Your hatred proves to be based off bias
You're standing
in the shoes of the unjust and incompetent
But soon there will be a guide heaven sent
To rid you of this precedence
You shall be lifted
 in the works of the miraculous
With the secrets of the meek
From the struggles of the classes
It would be fascist
To not recognize the obvious
To not live in reality
It's bad of me
To boast
But really it would be living a hoax
I shower your heads with riches
Figuratively of course
Giving you life with knowledge based dishes
My goal is not to educate
But to Regurgitate
These ideologies
Revealed by mediocre
We are of these believers
Bowing down to the weakest of Cesar's
Masters we should be
The masses they shout FREE!
But to no avail
Rapped up in the wicked system
Of Uncle Sam
Fed up with the controlling wisdom
Of the man
Take my hand
No leave it
You don't need it
Your pride weighs strong
And you try not to defeat it
Repeat it
The lies you tell yourself
From your pride you will gain unprecedented wealth
Depart from me
Your head rules your body
You lack soul that thrives
You lack spirit that raises boundaries
Your commonness fills me with hives
Your weakness portrays you cowardly
How is he
Free from we
In the heavens
We live consciously
Knowing of this holy Trinity
Father son and spirit
Mother Mary's visit
Fills us which such glee and prosperity
That we forget the less of we
We no longer means us
A unit
A community
We simply translates to me
We fall like casualties
Flow rich from the mouths of serpents
The devils creatures
Cold blooded and embellished with repulsive features


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