Perfectly Imperfect

In the midst of pain is when I seek you

I want You in my life with everything I do

When I awaken to see the morning light

Before I close my eyes at night

When I make good grades

Get the Job that I desire

Sunny days or a gloomy haze

On nights when my mind decides to run for the hills

When fear becomes a brick wall only You can destroy

When someone needs me

To believe that they can make it through the storm

Give me the words for them to hold on

Be with me when I forget to pray

Bring me to my knees because you are the only way

Forgive me father

For I know what I have done

I’ve disobeyed you

To you I owe my life

My seeds of selfishness, greed and desires of the world

Has caused me to be a burden on your beloved children

Your grace and mercy has been my savior

In spite of the things I continually do

I thank you Lord

I really do

My heart is heavy from my constant struggle

To be the best in everything

But a child of the King

Who saves the souls of thousands everyday

More than I can count in this world in one day

I put my trust in You

You deserve all this and more

Giving You my life

Wouldn’t be half the sacrifice as Christ

But You love me enough to take me as I am

Flaws and all

I’m imperfect without your love

But You’re perfect in every way

Which makes me perfectly imperfect

Because you love me anyway


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