This Man

I met a guy on Janurary 21, 2011.

Now he wasn't just any guy!

He didn't use me

or break my heart.

In fact He found me,

during the hardest time of my life.

He didn't care how broken I was,

my struggle with anxiety,


and fear

was no match to His unfailing love.

He didn't care that I've came from a background of continous lying,

or a strong past of insecurity.

He didn't care that I had given my heart away to every guy I've met

or that my motives and heart was impure.

He didn't care about my past, only my future.

My future which could be spent eternally with Him.

Now you see this isn't some ordinary man,

in fact this is the very Son of God,

who after all my sin and brokenness

laid down His life.

The very sins that I comitted, were the very ones that put Him to death,

Yet on the third day He rose again.

Great things really do come in threes.

Everybody always wonders how I turned my life around

and why I'm some "Jesus Freak".

I explain to them that God stepped off His throne in heaven,

to endure pain and suffering,


yet never sinned,

but died as if He did.

So that we can live.

We can't even fathom that somebody would do that for us,

and that is why we don't believe.

We don't believe that somebody would do that

and we act like we aren't bad,

that partying and sleeping around isn't a sin,

because we don't want to face the accountability

that it ultimately cost such a price.

That only this man could pay.

I told you He was different from the rest.


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